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We Make Having Pets a Fresher Experience

FurryFreshness was born from my wife (Jennifer) and I needing to solve a very real problem our family was experiencing. You may have guessed from the family picture above but if not - we absolutely LOVE our fur babies! We have two Golden Retrievers and two Persian Cats so messes, accidents and not so pleasant smells were something we were all too familiar with.

We grew tired of "perfuming" over the odors or moving the furniture to cover those stains, which just wouldn't go away! And we knew we could not be the only ones who had this problem.

Our mission was clear - we needed a permanent solution which could remove the stains, but not leave our house smelling like a perfume bottle broke somewhere! After many failed attempts, some extra long nights & more hours than I care to remember, and we finally found the "Holy Grail Blend"! We finally had something that met ALL of our requirements and did the job better than anything else on the market!

The hardest part of the decision was still ahead of us - What do you call something that is formulated SAFE for all your FURRY friends but still leaves your carpets, upholstery & furniture with the FRESHNESS they had when they were brand new?

The answer was so clear to us!! .....It just had to be Golden Glitter House Cleaning Spray That Does Awesome Stuff & You Can't Live Without It

That just a little joke to make you smile!

Well, on that day in Austin, Texas FurryFreshnesswas born and we haven't looked back since!We have loved every minute of our journey and could not have imagined in our wildest dreams how well this would take off!

We're approaching 300,000 customers but it still brings a smile to our face when we hear the success stories of our customers!

It's mind blowing to think that a few short years ago the first orders were shipped out of our tiny apartment; 1 or 2 at a time and now on busy days shipping carriers bring Semi Trucks to the warehouse to pick things up! We lost track of how many different countries FurryFreshness has made it to at this point!

FurryFreshness has now received the sought after Seal of Approval from The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), and made it to some pretty awesome media outlets!

Over the years a few things have changed but what matters most to us has been the same since the day we launched! We call it...

Meet the Executives

(Rupert's Boss)
Don't let my size fool you! I most likely have the hardest job in the company - Keeping my brother Rupert in check!

Career Achievements:

  • Clearly I am Mom's Favorite
  • Head of "always watching" department
  • Randomly mark new areas to quality check FurryFreshness
  • Expanded the "cat napping" policy company wide
  • Only 4 legged team member who doesn't have to go outside for restroom breaks

I have my paw in just about everything around here! I am also the only team member that has hit the 4+ bones per day compensation package which I earned when I launched "Rupert's Rescues"

Career Achievements:

  • Clearly I am Dad's Favorite
  • Chief Rescue Officer of Ruperts Rescues (see below)
  • Perfected looking handsome for every company photo
  • "Warehouse dash record holder" 4.3 seconds from office to shipping
  • Frequently hack my dads email and send my "doggo discounts" or my reflections out