Reviewed by MSM on April 28 2017
My Yorkie recently had a really bad stomach virus. Of course he did all of his throwing up on the pale gray carpeting in the condo that I am renting; why puke on ceramic tile when you can stain carpet, right, lol? Who knew that a 5-lb Yorkie's stomach could spew so much brown/red partially digested dog food ... I tried all of the cleaners that I had on hand, and none of them did more than lighten the stains. My Furry Freshness Order arrived today, and I used it immediately. I am amazed: all of the stains are completely gone. I'd read other reviews that indicated that stains sometimes come back, so only time will tell on that issue, but for now I am really impressed. (And I have never reviewed a product on any web site before, so you know that I am impressed!)

Reviewed by Mary M on April 27 2017
Best Product Ever. Don't even think about it - just order it. 5 dogs, 2 rescues, 1 with anxiety that thinks the family room is her potty spot... poody poo, vomit, piddle, it's cleaned them all and no scent. Not flowers, not "clean breeze" just fresh, no stink.

Reviewed by Allison B on April 26 2017
This stuff WORKS!!!! I rarely if ever write reviews but this stuff is seriously amazing. We recently rescued a puppy and she has MAJOR dribble issues. On top of that, our 6 year old male dog was expressing his displeasure about his new sister by peeing in our kids bathroom constantly. Not only did this stuff work on the puppy urine stains and horrid smells. It removed a year old coffee spill stain from my Tempurpedic mattress - just by spraying it on and letting it sit. No scrubbing, no effort!

Reviewed by Darlene T on April 23 2017
If there were a better word to use other than Amazing , I would use it !! I just ordered two more bottles , Not sure how this works but it does ! Best product I have ever used to get rid of stains and smells from my furbaby. I would highly recommend this product !

Reviewed by Monica H on April 21 2017
Great product. Really gets rid of stains and odors. Don't get on your skin or if you do, wash right away.

Reviewed by Sherry V on April 13 2017
this stuff is amazing!!! don't know how it works, but it takes out so many other stains as well as pet stains

Reviewed by Mary L on April 12 2017
Furry Freshness is the best product out there. Not only does it remove all traces of pet "mistakes", but it also removes other difficult stains like wine, tomato sauce and other stains. It is worth every cent.

Reviewed by Kim D on April 10 2017
The ONLY product that really works to rid pet stains!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer on April 9 2017
I was skeptical but desperate. Other "miraculous" pet stain and odor cleaners worked but not completely, they just kinda helped. We have 4 dogs and very light carpets. This worked on new stains, old stains, odor sources we couldn't identify. In fact it worked so well that favorite spots are now ignored meaning the underlying odor attracting the frequent pee-ER is gone. It even worked on a 5 year old stain that several professional cleanings had not resolved. It does smell worse initially but if you saturate the spot and let it dry it miraculously removes the spot and odor. Just wow. I am reordering a gallon as we are getting a new puppy because I never want to be without this stuff.

Reviewed by Jill D on April 6 2017
I had my doubts that this would work. I've tried all brands of commercial carpet cleaning products with no luck. I sprayed this on my off white carpet (purchased b/4 my fur kids) and was astounded at the results. No scrubbing or presoaking just spray, dry and vacuum. I would recommend this to anyone but especially with puppies and older dogs especially!

Reviewed by Richard S on April 4 2017
This product is terrific, never an accident from our puppy in the same spot.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer on March 27 2017
I don't know how this stuff works but, it does. I have bought many bottles of spray or granules that only seem to be a temporary fix. Expensive. Worth it.

Reviewed by Melissa H on March 22 2017
Best.Stuff.Ever !! The only thing I've found to get the odor and stain out of carpet after an accident.

Reviewed by Susan W on March 14 2017
I'm eating crow because I was adamant that this was a scam. I received my package and hesitantly tried it on some stains that could not be removed. They disappeared instantly. I still said "wait and see how they dry" but I defy you to find them today. So I tried it on a grease stain on the sofa (from a dog bone) and it's gone too. I think I have found the best product ever and it is worth every penny. I'm throwing out all of the other cleaners that have increased in my cabinets over the years. This is magic. Even removed a rust stain on the carpet from an old piece of furniture. So glad I purchased it and my order wasn't cancelled!!! (Believe me, I tried!!)

Reviewed by Lisa S on March 9 2017
I had new carpet installed in January. My two dogs occasionally have an accident. I used the black light and treated the areas. I did use a few sprays that recommend. I could not be happier with the outcome. Fantastic product. Will order this again.

Reviewed by Marian S on March 5 2017
this product seems to work very well. Shared with my daughter and ordered another set.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer on March 4 2017
This is awesome. Cleaned stains 6 months and more old.

Reviewed by Jennifer P on February 27 2017
I can't praise this product enough. I have a Pomeranian that refuses to use the outside as a restroom. She likes to have accidents on the tile floor in the basement (gross). For a long time we used various products to try and clean the floor, but they never worked. I read most of the reviews on this product and figured I would give it a chance. It was a great chance to take!!! I added a photo of the before and after. What a difference!!!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer on February 21 2017
Love this stuff. If you are out of options like I was, but this stuff!

Reviewed by Paula B on February 15 2017
I was very hesitant to try yet another pet stain remover, but glad that i did!. This really works well and I have light colored carpet in my bedroom. Does not have a strong lingering odor that other products have had either!

Reviewed by Sandra B on February 12 2017
Great product! Removes stains effectively!

Reviewed by Ramona K on February 8 2017
this is the best cleaner I have ever used. I have had cats all my life & I have tried many cleaners ,, this stuff works... I have slate flooring in my back room and my cat started peeing in the corner. This product removed the smell 100%, amazing Thanks

Reviewed by Amazon Customer on February 5 2017
This is a wonderful product to clean up after our precious furry family boy has a mishap which is not often but when it happens furry freshness eliminates the problem. Love It { :

Reviewed by Will H on February 2 2017
We are full-time RVers and have 2 italian greyhounds who are our 'kids'. They are indoor potty-trained (they go in a kennel on a puppy pad) but sometimes have 3 paws on the puppy pad if you know what I mean, and we end up finding a surprise. Using this product has been the best we've ever tried, especially in an RV where the space is small and limited. I used this product today and was rather impressed. I'll be buying more and in greater quantities since the 1 bottle I've tried for a few weeks now, is all out, and I need more!!! LOVE IT!! <3

Reviewed by Diane R on February 2 2017
Wow, you just made me so happy that I use your product!! My husband and I love family businesses and try to use small businesses as often as we can. I ordered this product, Furry Freshness, based on the information on Amazon. I have been really pleased with how easily it removes stains from carpet. Our light colored carpet is very "sensitive" to pet pee and this has helped me maintain a cleaner home

Reviewed by Valerie M on January 30 2017
Every pet owner should keep this product on hand, especially if you have carpeting or rugs in your home. I don't panic anymore when accidents happen!

Reviewed by Kathaus on January 30 2017
This product is worth the high price. Works just as advertised. If you have animals you need this

Reviewed by Rosie N on January 29 2017
There are are not many things that are advertise or posted on the Internet that I believe but I do tend to have to try them out.  I ordered your product in November and it is already gone!!! I love it and it does the job. I wish I had it last year at Christmas. Someone spilled wine on our new area rug and they got on their hands and knees to clean it up. So happy to finally something so good. Just hoping I can make it last longer!   :)

Reviewed by Nancy M on January 29 2017
We've had multiple dogs since 1994 and I've never used a product that works this well. One of our dogs has had loose stools for the past couple of days and she's missed the pad a few times. I can't believe the very dark brown stains on our light brown carpet have disappeared! This stuff is a miracle!!

Reviewed by Solange W on January 27 2017
We are fans of your product, as you can see we are reordering it over and over. My husband and I are rescuing abused and abandoned animals, dogs , cats and whatever else needs help. We have now 7 dogs and 15 cats, and you couldn't tell , because we keep our house and surrounding clean and fresh smelling, and I use your product everywhere including in my floor mopping water. So thank you , and as long as we have animals to help, we will be using it

Reviewed by Deirdra on January 24 2017
I absolutely love your products! I admit I was extremely skeptical at first, but after using both the dog and cat formulas, all I can say is WOW!!!

Reviewed by Michael R on January 23 2017
This stuff is simply amazing. Not much else I can add to that.

Reviewed by Rhonda R on January 18 2017
I was not sure about ordering like most from posts ,but i decided to take a chance for i was at the ropes end on trying to figure out how to rid the pee stains out of the carpet. Furry Freshness i can not say enough! This stuff is unbelievable! The stains are gone and smells wonderful. Love love love FurryFreshness!

Reviewed by Kathy on January 17 2017
This is a refill for the two spray bottles ordered previously. This is the only product that really works on dog urine odor and stains. It doesn't matter if it is a fresh spot or a spot you missed from days ago. Just spray it on liberally and the next day you will not be able to tell where the stain was. I have tried all others, some of which left their own stain, and nothing works like this product.

Reviewed by Jean H on January 14 2017
I have tried many products over the years as I have a cat that vomits - daily - everywhere! Other products have come close but not as good as Furry Freshness! This stuff is amazing. As long as i have cats, I hope Furry Freshness stays around! I have photos but can't add them from this device!

Reviewed by Mary D on January 11 2017
So far so good! This product really does remove the odor from pet accidents! Has worked on cat throw up and potty accidents! Love the fact that there is no chemical smell! Excellent product for animal owners arsenal!

Reviewed by Deb B on January 10 2017
This is probably one of the first reviews I have ever done. I am AMAZED at what this product did for our house. About a year ago, my in-laws came to stay with use and often times would lock our cat out of the room where her litter box was...well not surprisingly she started going on the carpet. We did not realize this for quite some time. So months later we started to do the "hunt for the smell" We tried all of the commercial products, all of the natural remedies and nothing worked. So I did some research on Furry Freshness and picked up a gallon. after a thorough spraying none of the smell was there any more! I was astounded and thrilled. If you are curious I currently own 7 cats (one has her own rooms) I foster for our local shelter so I ALWAYS have anywhere from 9 to 20 cats in the house at the same time. I now use Furry Freshness on any accidents, spills, soils etc and the stains just lift right up. I am a firm believer of this product and I will continue to use and spread the word with all of my foster contacts. GREAT job!

Reviewed by Westplex on January 9 2017
Amazing how well this works. Makes stain and odor just disappear.

Reviewed by Laurie N on January 8 2017
I have a dog that is getting up in the years (17) and he has started to not let me know he has to go outside. I've had to put him in diapers but the days that I forget and he goes on the floor I use this spray and it is a lifesaver. I've used the popular brands like natures miracle and that does not compare to this spray. I have a super sensitive nose and this is the only spray that has gotten rid of any smell in my carpet. I've even used it on a full glass of wine I dropped on the floor and the stain vanished, no joke. Love this spray.

Reviewed by Joy I on January 7 2017
* This is NOT a paid review I paid full retail and was a skeptic *

My senior Calico cat, 10 yrs, accidentally got trapped in our bathroom while at work. Luckily she went potty on an old white towel I was about to toss anyway .... so I knew this would be the perfect "test".

1 application not even all the way dry. No other cleaners, enzymes, pretreatment, special lighting, or filters, Just Furry Freshness as instructed. It is amazing with the stains! Will be ordering a gallon now.

Reviewed by Sonnie B on January 1 2017
Life saver if you have a pet. My dog is 15 yrs old and has started having accidents once in awhile. This is the only product I have used that works 100% especially for those acid stomach spit ups. I will never be without it now.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer on December 31 2016
As a pet sitter, I am delighted with the product because it really, really works!

Reviewed by Debbi B on December 30 2016
This is the best product I have EVER used!! And I've tried most of them!! I have a new rescue dog that is still having accidents in the house. This not only removes the smell but also the stain -- immediately! One treatment! Sometimes older stains take a second treatment, but rarely! Do yourself a favor and shop no further if you need such a product!

Reviewed by Deborah L on December 29 2016
The smell that has been coming back every time I've used an enzymatic cleaner on the old cat pee on my carpet doesn't come back any more! I used a black light to find the spots, and sprayed them all several times over several days (spray, let dry, spray again, let dry). It's been a month or more now since I've finished spraying the spots, and the smell still hasn't come back! All of the other cleaners I've used, it kind of freshened the room for maybe a week tops. I'm very happy!!

Reviewed by Denelle S on December 28 2016
This stuff really works like no other and trust me, I've tried every other product on the market! Entirely removed year old pee stains on a mattress!

Reviewed by Debbie W on December 28 2016
Only thing I've ever found that works for both the stain and the smell of puppy accidents!

Reviewed by E M on December 26 2016
after years of dog ownership, I have found something to recommend!! We stupidly adopted TWO puppies at the same time. This causes much anxiety about housebreaking. With Furry Freshness I am not so anxious! it works as advertised and we are so happy with it! I recommend it to everyone!!

Reviewed by Robin P on December 25 2016
It worked really well and on old stains, too! Great product!!

Reviewed by tcfromaz on December 22 2016
This stuff really works! This is my second order and it sure takes the stains and smell out!

Reviewed by Doda G on December 22 2016
I am truly amazed with your product! I purchased the first gallon and used it around the house on recent pet accidents. Worked pretty good! Even sprayed a bit over the cat box just to freshen it up a bit. I noticed at times that my hands would burn and turn white where my skin was exposed to the product. I soon realized that it was killing the bacteria on my hands! That really impressed me!  So, I had this area that keeps getting saturated by my cats right next to the litter box. So saturated, in fact, it was quite yellow on my tan carpet and the carpet and padding were swelled. I took your advice and put it full strength in my Spot Bot, spraying it down thoroughly, and let it set for about half an hour. As I was spraying it, to my surprise, I could see the spot changing color! Coming back and using the brush and hose, most of the stain came out the first time, but could see it was still there. I treated it three times, and at this point it is looking great! I'll come back to it tomorrow to check it out to see if there is any more residue. No smells, no stains and easier than I thought it would be! I've already ordered a second gallon. ;-) Pricey, yes, but if this works as well as it did this time, I'm in! This will be a staple in my house as long as I have pets in my house! Thanks! P.S. Telling my cat friends all about this one!

Reviewed by Debra H on December 19 2016
I am, indeed, over the moon ecstatic and happy dancing around the house...........with no shoes on! I had, reluctantly, been shopping for new flooring because I just couldn't handle the stains any longer. All four of my dogs are 14 years old and even though I cry when I think about being without them, I was trying to hold off on new flooring until that time came. I didn't want to have to worry about stains on a new floor. But after a particularly nasty round of diarrhea (I won't go into too much detail but use your imagination and multiply by 10) I couldn't stand it any longer. Then I saw your video. Nothing else had worked so why not one last try before spending thousands of dollars. OH MY GOSH! I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! The treated stains are GONE! I only ordered the two pack spray bottles to try it out. I have just ordered the two gallon pack so I can use it in my carpet cleaner. The carpet is waaaay too far gone to try to clean it all with spray. I can hardly wait for it to get here. I only wish I had found FurryFreshness earlier so that the carpet would be clean for Christmas. But what a great way to start the new year!
I have never written an email like this before. I have never been so thrilled by a product before! THANK YOU!

Reviewed by Darlene K on December 18 2016
I am very pleased with this product. My carpet isn't the best, really does need replaced, but I'm not ready to do that yet so, based on the reviews, I ordered Furry Freshness to try to extend its life. I'd had pretty limited success with all the other stain and odor removers I'd tried, and hoping that this would be different but with skepticism, I immediately sprayed some stains in the hall, both old and new, some from pets, some from humans, and they've all disappeared; no scrubbing, keeping the areas wet, or extra attention! My son had gotten drops of blood on a pair of jeans and was upset because his "other good pair" was in the washer, so I spritzed the spots and he didn't even have to take them off. In a matter of minutes, bye-bye spots. Smudges on the bed-spread, still on the bed? No problem. Cheap, no, but I don't regret spending a few extra dollars to get something that really works. With 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 pet rats and an iguana in addition to 5 humans in a pretty small house, I'm glad to have found a reliable solution to the inevitable accidents.

Reviewed by Linda B on December 16 2016
love this product, works great on all stains and takes the smell out of anything and everything.

Reviewed by Tiffany on December 13 2016
Best stuff ever! Used for dogs and cats. Highly recommend.

Reviewed by Carolyn G on December 11 2016
This was recommended to me by a friend and I love it. We recently brought a puppy home and this has been clutch the few times he's gone inside the house (we lucked out with a quick learner). With pee and poop it's been great - I had to use this in conjunction with a Woolite carpet cleaner for his vomit, though. While it eliminated all signs of odor, I needed a bit more stain removal oomph. I highly recommend this product.

Reviewed by SS H on December 10 2016
I LOVE this product. I have a senior dog with "issues" and this takes away the smell completely! I have another dog who eats odd things and this removes any potential stains. 

Reviewed by Suzi M on December 9 2016
I can not rave enough about this product and the customer service. Not only did the product really work but when I had a problem it was solved very quickly with no questions asked. Thank you so much. You do not find companies like this now a days.

Reviewed by Janine M on December 9 2016
New to the product and already in love with it. Its a miracle worker and I love that it doesn't have a detectable scent. I have the Feline Formula and it works so well to remove the odor that after it has been sprayed, the kittens walk around the area, completely confused. Like, wait a minute...where'd we go? LOL I plan to pick up the Canine Formula next b/c I have two golden retrievers and while they don't have accidents anymore, they are not w/out their own cologne, so to speak

Reviewed by Amazon Customer on December 9 2016
Best thing ever!! And a good spot cleaner on whites!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer on December 6 2016
Great product! It took away all the smell, didn't stain or discolor our rugs, carpet or floor, and was simple to use. If you have a pet, get Furry Freshness.

Reviewed by Heather W on December 6 2016
I was skeptical. I live an apartment and still working on puppy training. There were some older stains that would not come up. I literally just sprayed the areas and the stains were gone minutes later. Don't ball at the price. I've spent more on all other cleaners combined. Save yourself some money and keep Furry Freshness around. It's worth every penny!!

Reviewed by Bridget B on December 4 2016
Really works. Removes stains other cleaners couldn't. I am amazed

Reviewed by Queenbee on December 2 2016
Our dog had an accident on our cream color carpet, we sprayed Furry Freshness on it and let it sit overnight and by morning, no stain and no odor. It also worked when coke was spilled on an oriental rug with fringe (light color with cream fringe) and it took out the entire stain immediately. We could actually watch it disappearing. I'm coming back for more!

Reviewed by Lucy D on November 29 2016
Bought this on the off chance it might work... my carpet was a disaster from a 4 lb. Morkie It worked amazingly! Wish I could post before and after photos! Buy it, you won't be disappointed!!

Reviewed by Wheeta on November 29 2016
This is a superior product. It completely removed old stains from my mattress that I never hoped would come out. It is pricey but worth it. Customer service at this company is superior. I would recommend this product to anyone with pets.

Reviewed by Jennifer H on November 28 2016
Best product ever!!! I would give it 10 stars if I could. I have 2 dachshunds that sometimes just cannot hold it. This spray fixes everything!!!

Reviewed by Loree G on November 28 2016
Absolutely wonderful product . Lives up to every one of its claims !! Well worth purchasing.

Reviewed by Miki N on November 22 2016
12 hrs after first application...I have two dogs that like to play outside and use my floors to relieve themselves. I poured a gallon into my carpet cleaner and covered the entire room and spot cleaned a couple other areas.
It LOOKS amazing already. The room I saturated feels dry but it's still working because it stinks but I have high hopes. I'll update probably after Thanksgiving with my final verdict!!

Reviewed by Dawn E on November 22 2016
I'm amazed. Best cleaner I've found. I have a stain from our dog that kept coming back. I used this product once on that stain... no scrubbing just sprayed it on. It's been a month now and it's still gone.

Reviewed by Barbara H on November 21 2016
With four cats and two dogs we have so many spots! We've tried spot cleaning before, professional cleaners, everything short of ripping up the carpet. There were always spots that we were told we'd just have to live with. Your product is a miracle! It has eliminated stains that have been on our carpets for YEARS! I sprayed as directed (15-20 trigger pulls) and walked away, not expecting much. The next morning, the stains were absolutely gone! I am amazed - I never expected such results. Plus, it didn't leave a giant white spot where the stain was. It's just CLEAN! I cannot thank you enough. You have a loyal customer in Duluth, Minnesota!

Reviewed by Cindy L on November 20 2016
Amazing product...super old urine stains lifted after a few treatments and Furry Freshness made a definite improvement on the state of my damaged carpet.

Reviewed by Kim C on November 15 2016
I was hesitant at first, but this is the best thing I have found. I have a cat that gets crystals in his urine because of anxiety. I have white carpet and when he is not feeling good he pees blood on my carpet. I have a Bissell Spotbot Pet that gets out the stains in the middle of the room, but most of the stains are close to the wall. I spray this on the stains close to the wall and they are gone! I don't even have to scrub. I bought the starter kit with the black light, it was disturbing to see how much urine I could not see lol. I will for sure be buying more of this I product, the gallon size next time. My only complaint is, if you want to call it that, is that it is expensive, but so worth it.

Reviewed by Nancy D on November 13 2016
Works so good! I was totally skeptical so this was a very nice surprise

Reviewed by Suzi K on November 12 2016
This is amazing! Not sure how it works, but old stains gone!!!! Was totally skeptical, and was fully expecting to return this with a thumbs down, but it is truly a 5 star product!

Reviewed by Jp on November 8 2016
My older dog is having accidents urinating on carpeting and smell is super strong. I tried Bac-out, Nature's miracle, eco-88 and numerous other products including some homemade recipes. Some of them helped but nothing actually eliminated the smell except for Furry freshness. I had soaked my carpet with some of the other products but I only heavily sprayed with this product. This is going to stay on hand from now on. Also, no unpleasant smells associated with the product.

Reviewed by Lindy B on November 7 2016
This worked amazing!!
I just sprayed it on 15 squirts for like a little square area and waited and It didn't go all away so I did it a second time because my spot was really old and it's gone I didn't have to scrub it or anything!!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer on November 4 2016
This stuff worked amazing for me.  Stubborn stains that the carpet cleaner pros tried to get out and failed, were removed.  20-yr-old stains - Gone.  I don't care what this stuff costs when it works this well.  One thing I did not like, once the liquid got down a bit, it wouldn't spray in that slanted floor-spraying position.
One other thing - the bottle says that for the first few days there might be odor because the components are breaking down to dissolve.  It did stink a day or so, but then no more.

Reviewed by Celia on November 2 2016
We have a new dog, a rescue. He was marking all over our home, including our sofa! This worked great to take out the smell and the stains.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer on October 31 2016
Seriously folks, this stuff WORKS!!! Had a dog poo stain that was several yrs old (diarrhea, sorry if TMI but if you've had to deal w/it you know how hard it is to get out). Is given up scrubbing it w/different cleaners, nothing worked...but this stuff did and did it with only one application. I can't wait to tell all my dog friends (we all foster so plenty of uses!). It's pricey but worth it it! Oh and it works on coffee stains too!

Reviewed by Amy C on October 30 2016
I've had the opportunity to use Furry Freshness on several stains, including poo, potty and vomit. It did exactly what it said it would and was so easy to use. Best purchase ever!!! Love this stuff!!

Reviewed by Susan on October 28 2016
Works very well. Alittle pricey, but it does the job.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer on October 25 2016
Love FurryFreshness!!! Cleans up just like it says!

Reviewed by Stephanie L on October 24 2016
I don't know where to begin!! I was first impressed with the thank you message after the order was placed. While I know everyone gets the same message I appreciated it. I placed the order on Friday AND received confirmation on Friday that the order had shipped...WOW!!!!! Received it today (Monday) and started using it right away. A cat does not like the litter box and pees on the tile floor. So far so good!!! Thank you Bryson for the wonderful product and the extra effort you put into your company! I will recommend this to EVERYONE!!!!

Reviewed by Judy P on October 20 2016
This is the best product that I have ever used, not only is it super convenient to use it does the best job of the hundreds of other products that I have used! To get the urine smells out of my carpet that my sneaky yorkie leaves, it is a miracle product!

Reviewed by Djl on October 19 2016
Love this stuff had to get a gallon of it AMAZING

Reviewed by Donna D on October 16 2016
Excellent product

Reviewed by CT on October 12 2016
Nature's Miracle has nothing on FurryFreshness!!! Love this stuff, so glad someone told me about it. Really is a smell and stain remover. And no lasting odor from the product either (which I hated about Nature's Miracle, even the lavender scent). It's quite a bit more expensive, but I will pay that amount all day long for a product that actually does what it says it will do.

Reviewed by Arlene H on October 12 2016
The best product to remove pet stains. I've tried others and to no avail. This works.

Reviewed by JL Ellis on October 11 2016
Has worked on every mess the dogs have made and has been a life saver for my rugs and carpet! I even had someone use it who had stepped in feces and got it in their car. After thinking they cleaned it all up, they couldn't get the smell out, so it was sprayed all over the flooring, and the smell was gone!

Reviewed by Thomas W on October 9 2016
absolutely amazing!! 4 stains GONE in 30 minutes!! love love love

Reviewed by Barrett on October 9 2016
I was really skeptical, but this product does a great job. And easy. Just spray and wait. This is a life-saver (for dogs). I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by CMR on October 9 2016
I was SO skeptical since I have used so many products that are supposed to treat pet stains. I received my first bottle, mind you I bought the smallest supply since I didn't really expect it to work. So far, I love it! I have used it on EVERY stain on my carpet. We have "off white" carpet through out the house, (Bought the house with carpet already in it, certain to never put "off white" carpet in a family home myself). It has removed EVERY stain! About a month ago, I was cleaning house and set a bottle of toilet bowl cleaner on the step to take up stairs. I hadn't realized there was some cleaner on the bottom of the bottle that left "blue" stains on the carpet step. I immediately attempted to clean it up. I used "Spot Shot" and the stain didn't even budge. I figured after that, I would just be left with the stain, FOREVER! I followed the directions from Furry Freshness. Saturate stain. That's it. Don't soak and pat dry, don't rub. Just saturate. Done. Later that day, spot gone! Unbelievable! I have since used it on stains in my teenage daughters' room. Makeup, and stuff I just cannot identify. GONE from the "off white" carpet! I'm ready to buy stock in this product! So glad I found it!

Reviewed by Sherry AZ on October 8 2016
So far, it's working great. I especially appreciate that I can't smell anything. Other cleaners have made me nauseous, but this doesn't bother me at all. It is expensive, and it goes quickly, but I just ordered another gallon because I think it's worth it.

Reviewed by Miss A on October 7 2016
Count'em-- 5 Dogs in various stages of potty training and old age all hanging out together in 300 sq ft of carpeted office/play area 5 out of 7 days and Furry Freshness is the ONLY stain and odor remedy that I've found that truly works! We LOVE IT IN OUR HOUSE!

Reviewed by Lcab01 on October 6 2016
I used this spray on an old spot (just to see if it worked). The spot disappeared and the slight smell is no longer there. Thank you !!!! I will definitely re-order this product.

Reviewed by Lenny Mom on October 5 2016
Regret not finding this product sooner. Works GREAT!

Reviewed by Karol N on October 4 2016
Wonderful Nothing like it. It works just as they said.(that does not happen often)

Reviewed by Laura on October 1 2016
I have 5 dogs, and 2 cats. So, yeah, I have lot's of accidents! I've tried so many products, enzymes, stuff recommended by my vet, etc. But nothing ever really worked. Naturally I was skeptical when I saw this pop-up one day on Facebook. I saved the page and forgot about for a while. But out of desperation, I decided to give it a try. Figured I had nothing to lose. I also like that this was a small start up company, and they seem to have great reviews. So yesterday my product arrived. I sprayed at least 7 spots, some old, some recent (they all stank) and couldn't believe my nose! The smell was gone completely! It came back about 6 hours later, then the next day, gone again! I found out this was because the product was actually working and released the broken down stuff into the air (not very scientific explanation, but that's the gist of it). Any how...after the product dried, not only was the smell gone, but so are the stains! I can't tell you how stinking happy I am! I thought I was stuck with trying to mask odors for ever, or else replace the carpet! You can't go wrong with this stuff! It works! It really really works!

Reviewed by Tammy S on September 25 2016
It's great,only thing I will use f r on now on!Love it.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer on September 24 2016
This was purchased by me for a family member who has two rescue dogs, one of which has a medical problem causing her to pee in the house a lot. I used a whole gallon on the first try, and I did use a brush to scrub it in since the stains were old, even though it says you do not have to do that. I spent the course of a weekend doing sections of carpet and then I would use my Hoover upright steam cleaner over the section. It took me a long time to do this but it was thorough. 99% of the stains came out, although they were three years old. It totally got rid of the pee stench. There was a huge noticeable difference from start to finish. Now if there is a mistake pee, it is draped immediately. For some reason since doing this, the mistakes have dwindled down to almost nothing. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the product or not, but I presume it does to some degree. I am thrilled with this product and have purchased another gallon as stand by for them. I would highly recommend the product.

Reviewed by Steven K on September 23 2016
This stuff is amazing. Takes out stains that we never thought would disappear.

Reviewed by Helen K on September 23 2016
I have tried several products and steam cleaned the affected carpet areas many time but the stains come back. So far this is awesome been a week and the stains are still gone! Yes is costs more but if it works its wrth it!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer on September 18 2016
Worked great on pet stains

Reviewed by S Brayton on September 16 2016
It seems to have eliminated the orders from my cats marking their new territory in the house. There have been no other incidents since using this product. It also works well on stains.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer on September 14 2016
This is a miracle product if you have pets. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Helene P on September 10 2016
I was a little skeptical about purchasing this product, having been disappointed with other products that promised to do miracles. The reviews sounded pretty positive so I took a chance. The first time I used it, I was amazed at how well it worked. It removed some old urine stains in a carpet. I then tried it on some tile and it worked great! It removed the stain from the grout. I sprayed the tile & grout and when I checked a little later, the grout was white again. I will be purchasing this again.

Reviewed by Cleta R on September 7 2016
This stuff really works. I am pleased with it.

Reviewed by kinderbrech on September 4 2016
The only pet cleaner that I have found that truly works. Better than any enzyme cleaner I've tried before.

Reviewed by Mary R on September 1 2016
Best pet stain remover I have ever used.

Reviewed by Shelley W on August 27 2016
This stuff is wonderful! Will not go without it.

Reviewed by TJ on August 26 2016
This is the absolute best product. It literally makes thing disappear. I have 2 puppies and accidents. Just pick up as much as you can get up, then spray the carpet. The residue disappears. I love it. Even use it for food spills. You don't have to have a pet to get great use out of this.

Reviewed by L Coles on August 22 2016
Works like a charm. White rugs and 6 senior dogs are a nightmare waiting to happen. FurrryFreshness has saved that carpet on many occasions. Will always keep some on hand.

Reviewed by Diane H on August 11 2016
So far, I am truly impressed. It took a couple of applications to get rid of the smell, but it did…it immediately removed the carpet discoloration from a pet vomit.