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Why not other cleaners?

What five cleaning methods should you avoid at all costs, and why?


Applying your enzyme cleaner to a warm accident? Forget about it! Temperature is one of the biggest "enzyme inhibitors", blocking enzymes from doing their job on your stains & odors.

Sticky Detergents & Soaps

These can be helpful, but only if you completely remove them from your carpet after the stain is gone. If not, this stick residue becomes a magnet for more dirt & dust, and will turn any old stain into a dirt stain!

Salt & Humidity

Ever notice those urine smells coming back on sweaty, humid summer days? This is caused by using products that contain salts. Salt is known for absorbing moisture, so on your humid summer days, the salt left in your carpet bonds with the moisture in the air & re-ignites your urine smells.


Just need to add some tap water to a concoction and apply it to your carpet? If you're not using 100% deionized water, the chemicals found in your tap water will have a dramatic effect on the outcome & stability of your cleaner. It might not even work at all.

White Vinegar

Commonly used in dying processes to "set in" your colors, vinegar can have the exact same effect when applied to pet stains. Keep white vinegar away from your stains & carpet at all costs!

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