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advanced cleaning formula developed for pet owners looking for a safe"no scrub" home cleaner that permanently removes unpleasant pet stains and odors

our oxy vap cleaning technology has been a carpet cleaning secret since the 1980s and now it’s america’s favorite safe & effective cleaning formula that works across your whole home. 
just"spray and walk away" and furry freshness will do the rest.

guaranteed to work or get double your money-back within 60-days (minus shipping)

Made in the USA

Made in & ships from Austin, Texas

You'll Love it or Get DOUBLE Your Money-Back

We are proud to offer a hassle-free DOUBLE money-back guarantee within 60 days of purchase. (Minus shipping)


- Janet L., Verified FurryFreshness Customer

2888 Reviews

  • Guaranteed to Remove Any Mess Caused by Your Dog or Cat

  • Spray & Walk Away - FurryFreshness Does the Work For You!

  • Permanently Removes New AND Old Accidents 

  • FREE UV Urine Finder 'StainSpotter' & Toy With Purchase

  • Guaranteed to Remove Any Mess Caused By Your Dog or Cat

  • Spray & Walk Away

  • FREE UV StainSpotter & toy with purchase

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The Permanent Solution for Your Pet Stain & Odor Problems Trusted by Over 300,000+ Pet Owners

Eliminates Tough Stains & Odors

Permanently removes new AND old stains and odors without leaving behind a sticky residue. 

Activates on Contact

Once FurryFreshness makes contact with the molecules causing your stains or smells, it instantly activates and begins evaporating those molecules from the source - removing both the stain & the odor in the process.

Powered By CleanGredients™

Our formula is non-toxic and approved to meet EPA's Safer Choice criteria - ensuring your children, pets and plants remain safe.

  • 60-Day Hassle Free DOUBLE Money-Back Guarantee

How It Works


Use FurryFreshness on new AND old stains around your home. If it's a fresh accident, blot up as much of the mess as possible with a towel. 


Depending on the size of the area, spray 15-20 sprays per square foot to fully saturate the area.


This is where the magic happens! Our Oxy-Vap Technology™ activates instantly and works in a completely NEW way from other cleaners on the market. FurryFreshness converts all the solid molecules causing your stain or smell into pure water & oxygen - permanently removing both the stain and the smell for good!



After FurryFreshness has done it's job... you're done! Because of how FurryFreshness works, you'll never see an old stain reappear or urine odors come back - ever!

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Your Protected By Our DOUBLE Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we offer a hassle-free DOUBLE money back guarantee within 60 days of purchase. (Minus shipping)


With 5,300 + 5-star reviews, we pledge to provide you with the highest levels of value, quality, and personal service available, so your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

Verified Reviews From Real Pet Owners Using FurryFreshness in Their Homes

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help finding an answer to your question? Ask our customer support at: info@furryfreshness.com.

Q: Is there anything that can come out of my pet that FurryFreshness can't remove? 

A: Nope! FurryFreshness will 100% remove any type of liquid or substance that can come from your dog, cat or other family members!

Q: Will FurryFreshness work on hard surfaces like hardwood, tile, concrete and or laminate flooring? 

A: Yes! You can use FurryFreshness on all of these flooring types. We recommend that you spray the problem areas and let the product sit for about 10-15 minutes. After this time go in and wipe the product up completely with a wet towel or a mop. Reapply as needed.

Q: Will FurryFreshness work on older stains? 

A: Yes!  FurryFreshness works great on new or previously treated stains! 


When working on older previously treated stains it is good to keep in mind that you might need to use a bit more product than you would need for a new stain as FurryFreshness is working to break down not only the original stain and smell but also those past chemicals!


For new stains you can plan for anywhere from 1-3 applications. For older set in stains you should shoot for more like 2-4 applications with about 15-20 sprays per square foot. If you have more than a handful of older set in stains we highly recommend our product in a carpet cleaner! Here is how we recommend you use FurryFreshness in a carpet cleaner -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3t6EVdDxJHI

Q: How much FurryFreshness do I need to use on each stain?

A: You want to be sure that you are heavily saturating each stain with enough product for FurryFreshness to work its magic. We typically recommend 15-20 sprays per 1 square foot of stain with reapplications every 6 hours, as needed.

Q: Does FurryFreshness require any scrubbing?

A: In most cases nope! A simple spray and walk away will remove most of your stain and smells. For darker pigmented or tougher stains like poo or puke - some light scrubbing may be necessary with a wet towel. 

Q: Can I use FurryFreshness in my carpet cleaner machine?

A: Yes! You can use FurryFreshness in a carpet cleaner and thousands of customers opt for this method with amazing success. Here is how we recommend you do so;

1) Put the product into the carpet cleaner at full strength. Do not dilute with water as it can contaminate the solution and compromise it! 
2) Run the cycle in the desired areas but do not suck it back up!
*Keep in mind that the odors are going to get stronger after application. This means the product is working as it is breaking down the solid bacterias in your carpet and releasing them as molecules into the air. The odors will only last for about 24 hours.
3) Allow the product to sit in the carpet for 12-24 hours before sucking it back up! The longer you can leave it sit the better. Avoid contact with the areas when wet and if available use a ceiling fan to ventilate the room or open a window or door! 
4) Repeat if necessary. 

*If you cannot put the solution down without extracting it right away, go ahead and run FurryFreshness in your machine as you normally would. Both methods work great!

Q: Does FurryFreshness have a scent? 

A: Nope!  FurryFreshness does not have a smell at all - it is completely odorless thus never masking a smell but completely removing the odor causing bacterias behind it. 

Q: What ingredients make up FurryFreshness?

A:FurryFreshness contains an oxidizer, surfactant, stabilizer and other inerts. FurryFreshness uses a proprietary form of stabilized oxygen (as bacteria cannot grow when oxygen is present) to break down and vaporize the bacteria causing the stains and smells. Our oxygen solution does not contain ANY harsh chemicals, dyes and is completely scent-free therefore it is safe to use around children, pets and plants.

  • 100% hassle free double your money-back guarantee

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