Reviewed by Becky C on August 16 2015
I was to the point of total disgust from all the stains on my carpet but one by one, they are going away after treating them with Furry Freshness. I'm a believer, will definitely be getting a large bottle of this stuff! Thank you!

Reviewed by T. Murph on August 16 2015
I used this today for the 1st time and I have to say I'm impressed! 1 stain completely gone and another really big and old one showed major improvement. Yeah it's expensive but it works!

Reviewed by Charlotte Y on August 14 2015
I bought this and it REALLY does work!!! Even on old stains!!!!

Reviewed by Shelby on August 14 2015
I am astounded, amazed and awestruck to find a product boasting to remove old/new stains and odors - THAT ACTUALLY WORKS. I sprayed this stuff on YEARS old stains that nothing would remove - not even professional cleaning- went to bed - and the stains were completely gone when I woke up in the morning. I can't even see where the stains were anymore. Additionally, my bedroom no longer smells like half a kennel for the first time in 5 years and I'm seriously considering calling the Vatican to report a legit miracle.

Reviewed by Stefy on August 14 2015
I have tried just about every single pet odor remover or enzymatic cleaner, and nothing work. I saw Furry Freshness advertised on FB and it seemed to address all my concerns and issues with the other products. I took a chance, bought it and it does EXACTLY what is says it does.
Years of urine smells were gone! And as I keep treating the areas, the dogs stopped going in the area because they could know longer smell their markings. Highly recommend this product.

Reviewed by Ange A on August 13 2015
I had given up hope for my bedroom carpet until I discovered FurryFreshness. This product is unbelievable! 

Reviewed by Nancy S on August 13 2015
Best product ever!

Reviewed by Valerie M on August 13 2015
I had smells/stains that wouldn't go away. Even had multiple professional companies come in. Stains always seem to reappear. FurryFreshness made them all disappear with a through saturation. I’ve been an animal mom all my life. This product is amazing. Customer service is top notch as well-cherry on top!

Reviewed by Tamy M on August 13 2015
You know that scene from the movie “holes” where Henry winkler hold that old shoe under his wife’s nose, she says I don’t smell anything, then they all start dancing around singing I don’t smell anything!! Well that was us after using furry freshness the first time…incredible product…this is the only product I will use from now on

Reviewed by Mindy K on August 13 2015
This stuff is a miracle

Reviewed by Bernadette S on August 13 2015
I just got my order in, this stuff really works, my little girl when she pukes the bile smell is terrible. one shot of furry freshness and no more awful smell, it truly is freshness! Thank you!

Reviewed by Kelly B on August 12 2015
This stuff is AWESOME!!!! Definitely worth EVERY penny!!! You have saved me a fortune. We were afraid that we were going to have to replace all of our carpet. My carpet is looking almost new. As soon as I order more so I can continue to treat the rest of the stains then it will be like new carpet!!

Reviewed by Debra V on August 12 2015
I love this product. With three dogs it has been a lifesaver. Eliminates the stains and odor. Even my husband comment on how well it works.

Reviewed by Ange A on August 11 2015
This stuff is AWESOME!!!

Reviewed by Denise L on August 11 2015
Love it, it’s amazing! I’m ready to put in my second order. 

Reviewed by Tammi L on August 4 2015
this stuff really works! No scrubbing!

Reviewed by Fancy on August 1 2015
I think it's magic! I thought my carpet was toast. After using Furry Freshness, it looks great again!
Reviewed by Teresa W on August 1 2015
I love this stuff. I used it on my light carpet and it removed old dog stains from mishaps of poop stains from he was a new pet. The carpet been cleaned before but the stains came back. Tried this product and stain total gone. Getting ready to order more to have extra on hand.

Reviewed by Julie S August 2015
This product is amazing! I had at least 10 other sprays under my sink. None of them worked. When I saw this I truly ordered it out of desperation, even though I was relatively sure it would be like all the other products I had tried. Boy, was I wrong! It took away old stains and my Yorkie has not gone back to any of the places where I used it. Worth every penny! Just threw out every other product I had. This is the only thing I need!

Reviewed by Margie L on July 31 2015
I have purchased and spread the word…this stuff is magic in a bottle….I foster puppies so I needed this….I love it and recommend it to everyone

Reviewed by Ella D on July 31 2015
I got my order yesterday. I used it this morning. Let me tell you….. I sprayed 3 spots and walked away. I came back 15 minutes later and the spots were GONE!!!! I should have taken before and after pics. This stuff is awesome on carpets. My next test will be hardwood floors.

Reviewed by Kate K on July 31 2015
I just purchased this. It really works.

Reviewed by Kathy S July 2015
This stuff is magical! It really works! What a relief, now we can have company again.

Reviewed by Devra L July 2015
I have to admit I was skeptical, but when you offered me a free sample and all I had to pay was shipping, I figured what did I have to lose. This stuff is truly amazing. It has easily cleaned up COMPLETELY any spots that were left by our two little munchkins, but more impressive than that is the 2 year old coffee stain on our carpet. I have tried everything from home remedies to industrial strength cleaners, and nothing budged it until FurryFreshness. I should have taken before and after photos because the results are nothing short or miraculous. I am a forever customer. Thank you so much for this amazing product!

Reviewed by Chris B on July 30 2015
I have used Furry Freshness on carpet as well as my new tennis shoes. Chocolate milk was accidentally spilled on my tennis shoes. I sprayed Furry Freshness then used a tooth brush to scrub into my shoes. I put paper towel in toes of shoes to keep their form. Worked great!! I highly Recommend Furry Freshness!!!

Reviewed by Dawn J on July 24 2015
Whoa! It really works! I'll post pictures asap! 

Reviewed by Stephanie W on July 22 2015
Furry Freshness saved my apartment! I have an 85lb pup named Honey who never seemed to get the term “housebroken” and would, on occasion, urinate on my apartment floor. 

The urine smell got so bad that I had to take up the entire floor, removing old linoleum tiles to find the subfloor (concrete) damaged and smelling awful. I tried the old “vinegar/baking soda/hydrogen peroxide/Dawn dishwashing formula but that didn't work. Instead, my apartment smelled like old piss and vinegar… not a nice smell in the dead of summer.

I saw an ad for “Furry Freshness” on FB and visited the website. This product addressed clearly all the problems with conventional cleaners and enzymatic treatments and why my methods didn't work. It all made sense!!! So I decided to make the investment and purchased a gallon of “Furry Freshness” and following the instructions to the letter. I rated the whole floor over several days… the smell was almost gone after the first treatment, but I kept spraying the areas because of the hot weather. After a couple of days, the smell was gone! And most important, my dog stopped urinating in those areas, finally waiting to go out for a walk. “Furry Freshness” not only got rid of the smell, but also helped with housebreaking Honey! A win-win!

This product works! Highly recommend it for all surfaces, especially porous ones like concrete and subfloors.

Reviewed by Michelle C on July 21 2015
Are you KIDDING ME? I ordered this because I saw it on Facebook - and this is something I never do. I figured it would be like every other product I have tried - BUT THIS WORKS. IT REALLY FREAKING WORKS!!!! I have four dogs, two cats, and very light cream colored carpeting, so the yellow urine stains never really come up. I sprayed this stuff on old stains last night and went to bed. I woke up this morning AND THE STAINS ARE FREAKING GONE. WHAT?????! Calling every person I know and recommending this product. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

Reviewed by Sue S on July 20 2015
I was not prepared for the results I got!! 2 puppies with accidents everywhere, including the bottom of my favorite recliner was not a challenge for this product….I ended up canceling an appointment with a carpet cleaner!! This stuff rocks

Reviewed by Cindy M on July 19 2015
I have 7 indoor cats and 3 rat terriers in the house… thanks to furry freshness, when you walk in our house, you would never know! !!!
I’ve referred everyone I know.

Reviewed by Joy W on July 19 2015
This stuff is GREAT! If you haven't already ordered! Do so! You won’t be sorry! I’ve tried everything, and nothing works like this. And, its so easy! I’m even letting my friends try it! I’m sure they will be ordering some soon!

Reviewed by Terri A on July 18 2015
I was skeptical but money back guarantee and all I’m stunned I wish I had taken before and after pics!! My dog had puppies in the office I cleaned best I could it looked like a murder scene. I just shut the door. So I used this and my white carpet is pristine again it really does clean what ever you throw at it old pee stains puke look everything. I’m never running out of this ever! Another thing works like magic if you rub with a cloth spray rub lightly spray and leave come back and you can’t even see where you sprayed at least on my white carpet. Thanks again for such an amazing product.

Reviewed by Terri W on July 17 2015
I got mine 2 days ago…this stuff is amazing. I have 3 dogs ( 1 who has accidents) have tried EVERYTHING! ! THIS STUFF WORKS! !

Reviewed by Danette on July 17 2015
I was skeptical but no more. Two urine stains completely gone from carpet as well as odor. Also used to remove stain resulting from a basted dog raw hide chew--gone with no scrubbing.

Reviewed by Donna B on July 17 2015
I thought this stuff was expensive but I ordered it any way thinking I’ve spent more on a bunch of bottles that are still in my garage because they didn't work. I was so shocked when I use this product and it work immediately. This will be the only product I will ever use from now on. 

Reviewed by Kathy K on July 17 2015
I love this product. I just got mine a few days ago and used it right away on some old stains. Like someone mentioned in here before I had to “layer” clean it but it’s amazing. Puke stains that was in the carpet for a while didn't even need to get a layer.

Reviewed by Jen N on July 17 2015
This stuff is awesome!!!!!

Reviewed by Carole K on July 6 2015
I had cat urine stains that hardly budged, even after professional cleaning. I used FurryFreshness and to my surprise, it does work. My stains were old and like it says on the bottle, treat old stains like peeling an onion, a layer at a time. I just sprayed it on in the morning and then in the evening for about 1.5 weeks. I am pleased.

Reviewed by Kathy D on July 4 2015
It works on dogs. And barbecue sauce. You do have to totally saturate the area.

Reviewed by Leslie V on July 1 2015
Someone wrote in a review that this is “Magic in a Bottle”. This is SO true. This carpet cleaner for cleaning up after pet messes is better than ALL of the other cleaners that I’ve tried. And even better, there’s no muscle or effort required in the cleanup. Just spray and wait - stain is gone. Thank you so much for creating a brilliant and EFFECTIVE product! I just bought my 2nd bottle (gallon size to refill the 32 oz. spray bottle). I’ll be recommending Furry Freshness to all of my friends with fur-babies. Superb product!!!

Reviewed by Beverly N on July 1 2015
I’m truly amazed at how well this worked. Never expected it to but am soooo pleasantly surprised. Worked right away as promised. I’m amazed and you guys are my hero. Getting ready to order the big jug. Lol Good luck with everything. You have a customer for life

Reviewed by Sharie B on July 1 2015
Although I’m the proud parent of one dog and two cats, I do not like the odor that sometimes comes with all their cuteness. But it happens, no matter how hard you try to prevent it. My daughter introduced me to FurryFreshness. It’s an excellent product that I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone who wants a pet in their house, but not the odor!

Reviewed by Lizzy G on June 28 2015
Lifted the stains easily! I have three dogs and two of them love going potty in the house. This is easy to use I just spray and walk away. Great product

Reviewed by Linda C on June 20 2015
I've tried every stain and odor remover on the market and they only kind of work. To my surprise it does everything it says. Took stain and odor out and it does not smell at all. It's really quite remarkable!

Reviewed by Lisa S on June 13 2015
I bought a 32 oz. Bottle and a few days before it arrived my husband wanted to pull our carpet up it looked so bad.. it was pretty depressing. I held him off and used furry fresh and it was truly a miracle. I'm so pleased. I went thru the 32 restore the carpet and now am reordering the gallon container to be able to refill my spray bottle. I'm so thankful and happy for this product. 

Reviewed by Wendy M on June 9 2015
This is my third purchase. I have 2 dogs. One constantly marks his territory. This has been the only thing that removes the stain on my carpet. On urine stains, I just spray the stain and it disappears. On vomit, it didn't disappear on contact but when I used my steam cleaner after, it came right out. I'm still trying to get the odor out from the side of my couch but it is getting better with continued use.

Reviewed by Julie O on June 7 2015
This stuff is incredible! We received ours this weekend, used it on several spots, and predict we will be saving hundreds on carpet cleaning. Just amazing how fast and thoroughly it worked. I'd love to see you develop carpet-cleaning solution for the whole house! Many thanks.

Reviewed by Margie L on June 6 2015
I can't say enough about this product - I absolutely LOVE it. I have two beagles and one is very nervous so he has accidents once in awhile. We are also foster parents for other fur babies when needed and having our carpets cleaned with zero results was costly...this product is remarkable. This is no joke!!! After I used it, I put the black light over it and there was NOTHING there. No stain and no smell.....That's how awesome this stuff is...I highly recommend this MAGIC IN A BOTTLE to everyone....I am ordering more and telling all my rescue/foster friends about this product!!!

Reviewed by Gwen Z on June 6 2015
I have a Chihuahua who is very hyper - he works himself into a frenzy when there are people around and then he later has an attack or so of Colitis. That includes bloody stools and since he cannot wait to get outside he makes messes on one section of carpet. I have tried everything I can think of but some of the stains seemed permanent. My order arrived today and I was pleasantly surprised that after 3 applications and some brushing the stains that they are almost gone. I am sure if I had used this when they first happened - I would not have had the problem. I was surprised and happy to finally find something that works.

Reviewed by Judy on June 4 2015
I have been through many different carpet cleaning products with my 3 dogs. None of them have worked like this one. Within the first week I was through my spray bottle and could not believe the difference I was seeing throughout my house. Old stains, new stains it did not matter. I noticed the more I saturated the stains the better this worked. I will continue to use this product as long as I have pets. Very very pleased and finally a product that works! Thank you thank you!

Reviewed by Cindy B on May 30 2015
This product is well worth the price. I have an 18 year old fur baby, Molly. She is my heart but caring for and cleaning up after a geriatric doggie, is at times trying. I have never found a product that didn't leave a residue, until this one. I never found a product actually dissolves stains and smells, even old stains! It's amazing!!!