Reviewed by Charlene T on August 4 2016
This stuff is amazing. It even removed the black spots caused by urine on my hardwood floor. This is a must for pet owners.

Reviewed by Beetlegirl on August 1 2016
So far this product is good. I have no complaints

Reviewed by R Saunders on July 31 2016
This was exactly what it claimed to be....and what I had hoped for! A great product that cleaned up even old pet stains. Definitely well worth the cost and will purchase again , and recommend it highly.

Reviewed by R Saunders on July 28 2016
Odor was removed after just a few applications.

Reviewed by Laura C on July 26 2016
Best pet stain cleaning product I've ever used!!

Reviewed by Deborah G on July 25 2016
I was surprised, really does work. And no scrubbing!

Reviewed by Rosemary K on July 20 2016
Fantastic product. First item I have ever purchased anywhere that actually did what it says it will do. Excellent, especially if you have pets or small children. Even works if you have clumsy adults. All I can say is, it is wonderful!!!!

Reviewed by Denise W on July 18 2016
I had an old chocolate syrup stain on my light grey carpeting which was the result of my dog chewing the top off of the chocolate syrup bottle. Even though most of the stain had been cleaned up there was still a lingering stain on my carpet. I sprayed furry freshness on the stain, let it set and then started to rub. It took a few more applications but the stain finally was gone.

Reviewed by daisysimi on July 18 2016
And this was by far the best product ever. I have had per stains that are older than my kid. And I sprayed the product on them and went to run a quick errand. I thought I walked into the wrong house when the stain was gone. Worth every cent.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer on July 17 2016
I was skeptical, but it truly works. I have recommended this product to every pet owner I know!

Reviewed by Maria on July 16 2016
Wonderful product. I’ve tried everything. This removes the odor as well as the stain.

Reviewed by Helen K on July 8 2016
I had a stain on my carpet from my dog I could not get out even with the pet carpet remover. al I did was spray it with the Furry freshness product & like magic it was gone I would not of believed this if I didn't do it myself excellent product Love love it will always have this in my home from now on thank you for such an amazing product

Reviewed by Linda on July 7 2016
This is an excellent product. Stains fade quickly. However, the stains faintly reappear after 9 or 10 months, but reapplying works.

Reviewed by Miss L on July 5 2016
Wow this stuff is amazing. I had a cat pee stain that I tried removing with vinegar baking soda and water, also tried urine b gone in carpet neither of those took out the smell, I was desperate so I purchased Furry Freshness....I had to apply 4 or 5 applications but to my delight it WORKED!!!

Reviewed by Pamela on June 27 2016
Does what it says it does! Love this stuff.

Reviewed by Kate H on June 25 2016
I love this stuff! It does live up to what it promises. I've tried a lot of various products. Only this product got rid of the stain and odor. This makes cleanup so easy!

Reviewed by Carol R on June 23 2016
love this.

Reviewed by Melissa W on June 23 2016
This product works. I have little dogs and one of them who has a strong spirit yet freaks out during thunderstorms and then runs to the basement and relieves herself on our carpet. The stains and the smell was not coming up with every other carpet cleaner that I tried. With a skeptical heart, I purchased this product. It actually works on the stain and the smell! A must have for those whose pets which have the "s*** scared out of them". Lol.

Reviewed by P Dowie on June 20 2016
This stuff is like a miracle! Even removed stains a professional carpet cleaning company couldn't!

Reviewed by Diane S on June 19 2016
I would buy this product again. Made stains disappear and good smell.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer on June 15 2016
This was the best stuff I have ever used!!!

Reviewed by Novel L on June 14 2016
I have tried almost every spray to remove urine stains and odors with very limited sucess. This product really works. It removed a stain out of my carpet that I had given up on. It had been in my carpet for at least a year. I will be buying this exclusively.

Reviewed by Erin B on June 14 2016
Have 3 dogs with various issues. Has removed blood, urine odor and stool stains. Worth every penny!

Reviewed by Janet L on June 10 2016
Great product!! Actually gets stains out!

Reviewed by Judith S on June 9 2016
This stuff rocks!! Gets the stain but most importantly the smell OUT!!!!

Reviewed by Angela A on June 6 2016
I am in shock how well this works! I saw all the reviews, but thought surely it is not that good.. Holy WOW.. It got rid of old and new stains.. And I personally did not have to scrub anything! So amazing!

Reviewed by Rebecca on June 6 2016
Love this well with a new puppy in the house.

Reviewed by Carol C on June 6 2016
Love this product! Cleans and deodorizes as advertised! Don't ever want to be without!

Reviewed by Joyce S on June 2 2016
This stuff really works...stain, smell...gone on light Berber carpet.

Reviewed by LKC on May 26 2016
Great stuff. I have a diabetic cat that frequently missed her box. This spray actually gets rid of the Oder but also the stains from urine, barf, poop whatever. It's kinda expensive but works.

Reviewed by Vee on May 23 2016
Great product and their customer service is incredible!!! A bit high priced though.

Reviewed by Carol S on May 20 2016
This is the only product that I found that it

Reviewed by Katherine S on May 19 2016
Very pleased with the performance of this product.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer on May 18 2016
product worked wonderful!

Reviewed by Robin B on May 17 2016
Great product! Came quickly and really works well!

Reviewed by Deborah B on May 17 2016
Great Product

Reviewed by Mitci on May 16 2016
I am the absolute worst at house training dogs. Therefore I have used every product ever made to clean up pee and poop. Furry Freshness does exactly what it says it will. No kidding. No kidding. No kidding. This is the BEST product ever, ever, ever. Two days after I got it, my little PomChi had bloody diarrhea all over the carpet. I used paper towels to soak up the excess then sprayed Furry Freshness on the spots. Poof! Gone! Unbelievable. But true.

Reviewed by Mary Kay M on May 12 2016
Great product! Does exactly what it says it will do. Very happy with the purchase.

Reviewed by Christina E on May 12 2016
This product is incredible. It completely got rid of urine smell......I just wish it weren't so expensive!!

Reviewed by Nancy on April 29 2016
This stuff works great..

Reviewed by A.C on April 24 2016
Shopping Plug of the DAY!: GET. THIS. STUFF!!! I had a mind-blowing disaster waiting for me when I got home last night. The dogs, Mischief (most aptly-named dog in the universe) and Diva (his mother) discovered that I was in such a hurry to leave yesterday, that I didn’t close the pantry door, and proceeded to raid the kitchen garbage. On the only day in my life that I have ever thrown a pallet full of acrylic paint away. I have cream colored carpet! CREAM COLORED CARPET!!! I had coffee grounds in that garbage! I had ferret cage nastiness in that garbage can!!! When I got home at 10 p.m., that nasty was all ground into my CREAM CARPET! After doing the Crazy Native Death to Dogs dance and screaming what sounded a lot like the F-word for 20 minutes, I calmly put on my yellow “yes, I’ve got pets” gloves and started cleaning it up…when i realized that the brilliant red and purple hues were paint, I could have made it rain with my little dance!!! I grabbed my carpet cleaner, and attached the little hose that came with it…and expanded the mess ten fold because the water was just spreading the paint farther. I sprayed this STUFF on it and went to bed thinking that i may have to paint the whole house to match….This morning I got up and hit it with the carpet cleaner one more time, and it WORKED!!! It took out the ground in coffee and the paint…and a stain that has been there since I moved in!!!! I am hooked on this stuff for life! I just sprayed it on the coffee stains my husband left on the kitchen counter, I will let you know how that works out…. In the meantime, if you have pets, kids, husbands or like me and drop at least one cup of coffee a week, GET. THIS. STUFF.!

Reviewed by A. Staib on April 24 2016
Works exactly as described! Ordering more!

Reviewed by Visa on April 18 2016
Works better than anything I have tried.

Reviewed by Lauren H on April 18 2016
Love this stuff! It works like a charm. I will be sure to always have on hand for accidents!

Reviewed by K. Larson on April 11 2016
Finally a product that does what it says! I have tried multiple products that promise results, including Nature's Miracle. I used this product on several old stains on my carpet and within less than 24 hours, the stains are completely gone!!!. I have treated these same stains repeatedly with other products to no avail. I just sprayed the stains, walked away and poof! Gone by morning! I will be using this product exclusively now. So worth it!

Reviewed by Babybok on April 10 2016
Best I've tried so far. Had a visitor who stayed with me for a few months.H ad 2 male dogs that lifted their legs on everything including my furniture and walls. The stains aren't completely gone but much less noticeable than before. It does take the paint off the wall trimming though. Works better than Fizzion.

Reviewed by Shelby on April 10 2016
This is the only pet stain and odor product that has actually exceeded my expectations and delivered exactly as it said it would. This product needs a Better Homes and Garden award - for real. I have tried almost every product out there and have wasted my money every time - until now. It's expensive but works typically after one treatment. I have had a gallon and it has lasted four months - and I have four dogs and two cats.
Don't waste your money on other products because this is the real deal.

Reviewed by Penelope on April 7 2016
Will order again!

Reviewed by sheeit on April 6 2016
I swear by Furry Freshness and am a repeat buyer. I'm now on my fifth bottle, because I'm house training a puppy. This product will remove anything that comes from a pet. It successfully worked on every piece of furniture, clothing, bedding that I applied it on while my female was in season. I constantly use it for clean-ups during our housetraining. When sprayed on the tile floor, the smell is stronger than originally found because the urine is dissipating into the air. I wipe it right up & my dog doesn't return to that same spot. This product has truly been a lifesaver for our household.

Reviewed by Caroline on April 6 2016
Amazing! This is the best pet stain remover I have purchased. It took two applications of product but the stains are completely gone. Worth every penny. Highly recommend.

Reviewed by Nancy on April 1 2016
Wonderful product. A little pricey but well worth it. I have never found anything close to it at working on stains and odor. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs and am so happy to have found this product.

Reviewed by Judy E on March 29 2016
More than met expectations !!!! Took out stains that I thought would never come out. Told all my animal lover friends.

Reviewed by Carol on March 26 2016
It works like a miracle on my dog pet stains in the carpet. Truly amazing. I highly recommend this product.

Reviewed by Mermaid T on March 23 2016
Fantastic cleaner for stains

Reviewed by Cindy O on March 23 2016
I have some old dog urine stains in my carpet that nothing would remove - professional carpet cleaners, numerous bought products, and even tried the baking soda and white vinegar routes. I decided to buy Furry Freshness and after 3 treatments (product does tell you for old deep stains it may take several treatments) the stains are gone! Love it love it love it!!! I even took before and after pictures and posted them on FaceBook for my friends to see how great it works!

Reviewed by Sandra T on March 22 2016
This product is amazing. I had a puppy stain and nothing would take it out. I sprayed this on, used an old toothbrush to scrub it in and before my eyes the stain disappeard

Reviewed by Wisdom on March 22 2016
I so wish I had taken before and after photos. I had our carpets cleaned twice professionally and the stains were just as bad as before they were cleaned.
We were looking to replace our carpet. No need for that. The stains are completely gone after just 2 treatments.

Reviewed by Amy R on March 21 2016
This product works sooo good!! Love it

Reviewed by Rene S on March 18 2016
I ordered and used a spray bottle of FurryFreshness  and I love it!  The stains on my carpet have disappeared !  I have had my carpet professionally cleaned and the spots were still there.  This is magic!

Reviewed by L Foster on March 18 2016
I have tried everything and every internet solution to get stains from 2 places on the carpet. I have a Yorkie that sneaks to the same spot! I wasn't expecting much but decided to try it. All but the 2 "spots" were gone in one application. A second application has proven effective. I have already ordered a second bottle.

Reviewed by Charyll N on March 16 2016
This is like a miracle product! Did not really expect it to work but it has performed just as described!

Reviewed by Rene F on March 16 2016
I just bought a bottle of this as a last resort! Cost more, but as I said, I had given up on the OLD stains on my beige carpet where a stubborn small rescue dog would not go out the doggy door in the rain! I thought my carpet was permanently ruined and covered it with a throw rug. Sprayed it several times yesterday to saturate the area, skeptical it would work. They all say that! Well, folks, I am here to tell you this stuff really DOES work! It has saved my carpet and relieved the smell! Honest! I am going to let it dry well, then spray the area again. THANK YOU! I plan to buy a bunch to keep on hand!

Reviewed by Jan B on March 16 2016
I've tried many pet stain products and the is the best. It absolutely does what it says it will do. If you have pets this is a MUST.

Reviewed by Kathy on March 15 2016
Love it

Reviewed by Grandma Pat on March 1 2016
A friend told me about this because when my dog gets excited she pees. I have used it on an old puke stain and after using it 2 times the stain was gone.

Reviewed by Mirage on February 28 2016
Expensive, but this actually worked on some carpet stains that had been there for ages. It was just sprayed on and left, no scouring, nothing to do, and the stains disappeared.

Reviewed by Cathy on February 27 2016
Great product....quick delivery

Reviewed by Christine H on February 24 2016
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I am a pet sitter with 2 fur babies of my own & OFTEN have multiple pups having a vacay with us in our home!! FurryFreshness is absolutely AMAZING!! I have tried everything to clean stains from carpeting & had some ok results at best!! My husband & I had resigned ourselves to the fact that new carpeting in the spring was inevitable until... furry freshness!! I wish I would have taken photos on the worst stains but I still have some I haven't tackled yet!! It really blows my mind!!! You & Jennifer are wonderful for FINALLY developing something that actually empty promises!!! I'm thinking I will have to purchase gallons to have on hand!! :) I will be spreading the word to everyone I know that have fur babies as this is awesomeness in a spray bottle!!! Thank you so much!!!

Reviewed by Jennifer D on February 21 2016
Just wanted to tell you I Love your product!!! It works wonders!!! I have recommended it to others with pets also!!! Thank you!!!

Reviewed by Robyn S on February 18 2016
Works great with no scrubbing. Only wish it wasn't so expensive.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer on February 14 2016
with three dogs and two cats we were desperate. this spray has saved our carpets!

Reviewed by Elaine S on February 11 2016
Worked great.   Bought more.  I'm very happy with Furry Freshness and I've been telling everyone I know and showing them the pics.  Thanks !!

Reviewed by Susan on February 11 2016
Your product is impressive. I am happy I found it. After a few treatments and no scrubbing I was able to get out a stain that was very tough and several months old. My little Spot Bot couldn't even get it. I will definitely be ordering again since I have 3 dogs and 4 cats!

Reviewed by Peggy O on February 12 2016
This is the third time I am ordering. I need to get stock in this product. It does what it says, I know it's pricy but it's cheaper than replacing the carpeting. It works fantastic on blood stains too! I have put his in my steamer and I steam the carpets as well and my floor and I have no dog or pee smell. I have 5 chihuahuas, two that are potty trained and my sons three are trained only whe it's warm outside.....I live in Ohio, lol. My suggestion for those that say the smell didn't go away is to soak the spot heavily especially if you have thick padding under the carpet, and for the lady that cats spray, make sure the spot is dry and put regular charcoal for the grill directly on the spot that smells and leave it there, the charcoal will absorb the odor and then treat with furry freshness .

Reviewed by Amazon Customer on February 3 2016
Stock up! amazing results!

Reviewed by Deborah M on January 31 2016
I received my furryfreshness yesterday and I AM SO IMPRESSED. My cat sometime misses and she has a certain corner at the end of the stairs she likes to potty I never thought it was possible to get the stain and smell out, and was getting ready to pull up that part of the carpet but I'm here to tell you it's a miracle worker. Thank you so much for this, I will be ordering more. Thank you again

Reviewed by Karen R on January 30 2016
This is a wonderful product and it removed my puppies' stains from my mother's beige carpet. We had tried to clean it ourselves and used a professional carpet cleaner. Nothing worked. Your product does work and is fantastic. Lighter stains remove with one application and darker stains may take a few sprayings. Thanks for paving your ad on Facebook.

Reviewed by Johnnie T on January 27 2016
Five stars! Worked as advertised

Reviewed by J. L D on January 27 2016
WOW! This stuff is amazing! Worth the price.

Reviewed by Mary S on January 21 2016
I have to say when I ordered this I had doubts. This stuff is great I have a dog and two cats and believe me I have put it to good use. It works, if you have pets you need to get it!

Reviewed by Karla H on January 15 2016
Every pet odor remover proclaims that it is the best product on the market, so when i read about this one, I thought, "Yeah, yeah." But we had tried everything else, and they just covered up odor, only to have it return. So I bought this expensive product, and sprayed it heavily on our foyer rug, which stank so bad i was ready to throw it away. The next day I checked it out to see how much stink was left. (I was surprised to see it had no odor of its own.) It worked! No odor! I'm sold. Sure beats buying a new rug!

Reviewed by Beverly H on January 13 2016
If you are trying to decide whether or not to purchase this product, your reasoning behind your hesitance is probably like mine. I have tried everything out there-home remedies and purchased expensive products-and have always been disappointed. Some products did a partial odor and stain removal and some products did absolutely nothing! I read the reviews for Furry Freshness and gave in and purchased, all the while thinking it would be another disappointing result. So surprised and completely shocked! It works! Not kind of works, it completely removed all of the stains and odors- no matter their source-2 cats, 1 dog and a new puppy and whichever end of the animal the "goodies" were deposited from, stains gone, smell gone and they don't reappear. Thank you! I tell all my friends about your product and I will forever be a loyal customer!

Reviewed by Cheryl W on January 12 2016
Best stuff on the market for pet odors !!!!

Reviewed by Patricia J on January 9 2016
This product works! I had a three year old pet stain. I scrubbed it, had a professional try and get it out, finally I gave up. I used Furry Freshness on it and it is gone. Absolutely wonderful.

Reviewed by Vincent on January 1 2016
I usually don't write reviews but this stuff is amazing! I have 2 dachunds and 2 Persians so mistakes are inevitable.FF has saved my carpets. I've been able to remove old stains with FF that even the carpet cleaner couldn't remove. After trying every store brand that cost as much or more I finally found one that actually works. If you have pets get this stuff!!

Reviewed by Manya D on December 31 2015
I have spent a lot of money trying to find something to remove urine stains from my carpet. Stuff from the pet stores, didn't work, Waxie Janitorial stuff, not cheap, didn't work, baking soda, vinegar, nothing worked. This stuff is frickin' amazing. I can relax now if someone has an accident. I wish I had this stuff before I replaced the carpet in my last house.

Reviewed by Jennifer H on December 30 2015
I was ready to replace our “newer” carpet due to the stains caused by an older cat. We couldn’t find anything to work on them. I will NEVER try anything else again. FurryFreshness is the answer. It has even worked on old red wine stains! THANK YOU!!!!!!! WOW!

Reviewed by Kelly N on December 29 2015
After 4 gallons plus of this product I am so very grateful that I found you ! It has completely changed my life… On behalf of my own critters and countless foster babies we thank you !

Reviewed by Pam L on December 29 2015
FABULOUS!! It’s unbelievable! This is a product I can get behind without hesitation! My little dog has an accident everyone once in a while. Actually, it’s more on purpose when he rebels against me leaving him. After a long trip, he tends to have tummy issues. This product is amazing, wonderful, fantastic-product takes care of the smell and the stain. Clean up has NEVER been this easy or impressive! 

Reviewed by Carrie R on December 26 2015
This is a wonderful product and anyone that has pets would benefit from this.. It is wonderful and I would be happy to make a FREE commercial for you!!!!!

Reviewed by Karen K on December 17 2015
This works well!!

Reviewed by Amazon Customer on December 17 2015
This product is AMAZING. Having a new puppy, my daughter told me she heard about this product. I put it on stains that had been there for years and my 15 year old carpet looks new!! I won't be without it. Great product

Reviewed by Phyllis K on December 17 2015
I haven't used it yet but my daughter who has four dogs in her household says it is great, so I bought some to be prepared for a mishap in the future.
I usually have just two dogs with me but occasionally my son brings his three over to "baby-sit" so I guess it is best if I am prepared for an "ooops".

Reviewed by MaryEllen B on December 15 2015
Worked great even on old stains, however takes a lot but totally worth it.

Reviewed by Richelle W on December 15 2015
I've tried a lot of products, spent a lot of money trying to figure out how to clean up after my male dog who has very concentrated urine (and sometimes chooses to go inside the house on carpeting). Nothing has worked... until Furry Freshness. Love this product. I just reordered, this time scooping up a gallon.

Reviewed by Mary Ellen M on December 15 2015
I received my 2 bottles of Furry Freshness Premium Pet Stain & Smell Remover. By golly…. I believe it works!  I’m delighted! We got a new puppy 1 1/2 years ago and, of course, we still have our 12 year old girl as well. The combination of the two has been challenging. I’ve tried multiple products to no avail….but, I believe Furry Freshness is working!  THANK YOU!

Reviewed by Beverly L on December 15 2015
I ordered your product and was skeptical as I had tried other methods. I sprayed FurryFreshness on some spots that had gotten on my carpet. Within a few minutes they were gone. I even marked the spots with bits of paper so I could find them later. It has been three days and they have not returned! My carpet is light beige so they were very noticeable and now nothing at all. I am very impressed with this and have shared the bottle with my daughter. I wish we would have had this product years ago when we had puppies we were training! 

Reviewed by Margie V on December 14 2015
This stuff is amazing….I foster fur babies and some like to mark their territory. I have been using this product for a long while now and wouldn't buy anything else. I am not affiliated with this company and I have nothing to gain (except a non smelly home) by praising this product……this stuff ROCKS. I call it my MAGIC IN A BOTTLE

Reviewed by Marg M on December 14 2015
I have been using this for about six months. It really works. I have not tried cleaning with a machine yet but treating new spots when they happen and treating old spots has been very successful. No odors. Love it. 

Reviewed by Gena D on December 14 2015
This stuff is amazing! I ordered this because it said “if you don't like it, we will refund you the money back with no questions asked” I sprayed an old stain where my dog vomited, stain disappeared with only one application. I highly recommend FurryFreshness. I will definitely order again. No I am no related to anyone that is associated with inventing or selling this product. 

Reviewed by Helen H on December 14 2015
I love this product! Not only did it work on new stains easily, it also eliminated some really old nasty stains too! Worked way better than the Bissell pet stain remover unit I purchased that left multiple crop circles on my carpet. If I could buy shares of this company I would. Thank you for this awesome product and I'll be buying more in the near future.

Reviewed by Amazon Customer on December 14 2015
Works better than I ever could have imagined. Worked on old stains with no effort. I have told everyone I know about it!

Reviewed by TB on December 14 2015
Great product. It really works well . It takes the smell out right away.
Great customer service.

Reviewed by D. Z on December 11 2015
I was worried, I would get this and it wouldn't work - like everything else I have tried. My older dogs have started marking the carpet for some reason and I have tried everything to clean it. I have been having the rugs professionally cleaned every month but it still smelled. So I tried this - out of desperation - and it seriously works. NO MORE SMELL!!!!!!! Seriously impressed with this and I will buy this as long as I have dogs!

Reviewed by Brenda R on December 4 2015
Worked great even on old stains. It is worth the price compared to regular brands at retailers. Works better than Stream Clean on old stains. Will purchase on a regular basis. My new go to pet stain carpet cleaner. Worth the price.

Reviewed by Donna K-P on November 30 2015
This stuff REALLY REALLY works… PERIOD! Worth EVERY penny !!!

Reviewed by Patricia C on November 30 2015
Thank you for FurryFreshness! It’s the greatest stain remover I’ve ever used. I was going to get hardwood floors in dining room due to “accidents”. No need to now. The spots I tried everything (even baking soda, peroxide, dish washing liquid) on are totally gone. This is my 2nd order of this. I tell all of my friends about it. 

Reviewed by Peggie M on November 29 2015 
This cleaner came and I was able to get some urine stains out of four places in one of my bedrooms. These stains had been there for 8 to 10 years and I had tried all kinds of carpet cleaners. When I read the claims about this one I decided to try it even though it was rather expensive. It took three cleanings using a brush on them, but they are all gone. When I saw the great job it did I went back online and ordered a gallon if it, which I will pour in my spray bottle when needed. I highly recommend it and plan to use it if my 7 month old doxie pees on the rug. Which sometimes she thinks she is supposed to do. Try it!

Reviewed by Janice P on November 27 2015
This product REALLY DOES WORK. I bought some on line and was so surprised. It gets out the stains AND the smell. I have to order more. Love it!!!

Reviewed by Zelda S on November 27 2015
I bought a bottle and to be honest wasn’t expecting much. Well… is fantastic!! My westies both spit up a lot and this is the only thing that works. It is GREAT!!

Reviewed by Jane B on November 25 2015
I tried this and holy cow! It’s a prayer answered! 

Reviewed by Greggory W on November 19 2015
This is, by far, the BEST carpet cleaning product EVER!

Reviewed by Julie B on November 17 2015
I just wanted to send a quick email to thank you for such a wonderful product. As a foster for a local Golden Retriever rescue group, you can imagine not all of the pups have the best house manners. Your product is truly amazing and I will definitely be purchasing more!

Reviewed by Mary D on November 17 2015
Great product! When you own 2 Yorkies they aren't always good at going where they are suppose to! Having a cat that 15 years old will also have stomach issues. I use this product and even old spots they're gone! Forever a customer!

Reviewed by Darla on November 16 2015
I’m a very skeptical shopper! I read and read the reviews! I thought oh well…it has a money back offer if not satisfied! I even kept the box to send it back if not happy! Then I read the bottle that I didn’t even have to return, just email if I wasn’t happy. Well I’m HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! Thanks so much for your AMAZING product! Now I will order it by the gallon! Much more economical than new carpet! I’ve tried EVERYTHING! Truly DID NOT expect it to work! Still amazed and have told EVERYONE about your amazing product! Thanks soooo much Furry Freshness!

Reviewed by Rosellen S on November 16 2015
I purchased this product with the hopes of it working. I sprayed it on where I could smell the urine. I did not go back to investigate to see if it was working but I did not smell the smell when I walked in the door. The other night I was sitting in my chair and low and behold there was that smell again. I got up, used my black light and found where one of my 5 dogs used my chair as a back yard pee zone. I sprayed the furniture and area and the next morning the smell was gone. I tell you this was a miracle. I am not getting paid for this opinion, but I could wear one of those billboard around my body and be proud to advertise this product. TRULY AMAZING. Thank you who ever invented this product, one of the best things I have bought.

Reviewed by Nancy C on November 13 2015
Really works. Amazing

Reviewed by LeeAnn G on November 11 2015
I don’t even know where to begin when I say this stuff is like liquid gold….I LOVE the black light and it’s so cool to see EVERY stain that I thought I had gotten rid of but are still there just enough to see!!! If you have any doubts about this product my only advice is to GIVE IT A TRY & ALL DOUBTS WILL BE REMOVED along with the stains, smell and everything else you can think of!!!! I’ve used EVERY product out there and have not had 1/8th of the success that I have been having with furry freshness!!!! I will be placing another order soon just to have it ‘on hand’. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!!! 

Reviewed by Suzanne N on November 10 2015
I'm impressed!!! I had black areas on my ivory carpet from previous attempts to clean up after my Shi tsu... It took some scrubbing as you suggest and the black came off into the towel I used to scrub... Still drying so I'm looking forward to the odor disappearing as well. 
Way to go Furry Freshness!!!

Reviewed by Debra J on November 1 2015
I had tried everything to remove stains out of my carpet. I finally found a product that works!!!!

Reviewed by Raina on November 1 2015
Being a cat owner, I am always skeptical of the claims that cat cleaning suppliers make. I have tried numerous products to remove male cat urine from our carpet and other surfaces and none work as they claim. I tried Furry Freshness and it works wonderfully!! It really does remove the odor as it claims. This will be the only product I use going forward. Fantastic product!!!

Reviewed by diamondj on October 30 2015
the most remarkable product on the market today. It performs as it!

Reviewed by Nicole O on October 29 2015
I have four male terriers. I ordered this last week and received it Saturday. Started using it Sunday. I thought for sure I would have to replace my carpets the stains and smells were horrible and I've tried it all. THANK YOU FOR THIS PRODUCT. My house smells fresh again. The stains are gone too. I should have taken a before and after. Now I can wait to replace my floor until I can get the hardwood floor I want.

Reviewed by Sue S on October 29 2015’
I am now on my 3rd GALLON. I don’t care how much it cost me, it was worth it. The smell that I have battled for 3 years, crying, every time I opened my sons bedroom, or walked in the house is GONE. GONE GONE GONE. And they call me “the Nose” I smell EVERYTHING. We rescued this breeder dog and had no idea what we were getting into. I tried everything on the market. They were brand new carpets! In any case, it’s gone. I would never ever have believed it, if I wasn’t living in a house with NO PEE SMELL ANYMORE. I love you furryfresh people. Love love you guys for making this stuff. I have some extra laying around, because the pee never stops. But the smell is gone. I can’t even express to you how thankful I am to have discovered you guys on FB. I seriously would not have believed it because I tried everything. You guys ROCK and saved my sanity! XOXOXOXO

Reviewed by Patricia S on October 26 2015
I was skeptical after many tries of other products and being disappointed. Granted some stains take a couple of applications, but IT WORKS!

Reviewed by Angie K October 25 2015
One of my dogs just threw up under my dining room table and after using Furry Freshness you could never find the spot - this stuff is AMAZING

Reviewed by Jacqueline P on October 25 2015
We have 5 dogs and even though they are all trained, there is always one that is going to have an accident, plus we had spots (and the smell) from before the youngest ones were trained - anyway, I took a change and ordered the smallest spray bottle and it was so amazing I just ordered the big jug. I still can’t believe how this stuff works! 

Reviewed by Marilyn W on October 25 2015
I saw this product and thought I would give it a chance. I’ve tried everything else. I had horrible stains and smell in a few placed because of my dogs. It worked. I am completely sold on this product. Thank you sooooooo much. I’m buying more. Love this product. I give it 5 stars.

Reviewed by Stephanie L on October 23 2015
I was skeptical but desperate to remove old pee stains. I am now a believer!! Just received my two bottles last week and it is unbelievable!!!! I will be ordering a gallon very soon. Am thinking about putting it in my carpet cleaning machine. Best product ever!!!!! 

Reviewed by Lynn J on October 23 2015
My second order. Stuff works great!

Reviewed by Donna D October 23 2015
I received mine last week. One application took out the remains of poop and vomit stains. It’s a miracle worker! No one with a pet should be without it! Thanks Furry Freshness

Reviewed by Mary E on October 22 2015
Ordered yet another product for stains......and MAN this stuff WORKS great!! I'm ordering the gallons for refill and really recommend this product. Not only gets rid of the stain, but the odor!! Spray it on even old stains and watch it work!! Well worth the price!!

Reviewed by Laura L on October 20 2015
This really works!!

Reviewed by Tina R on October 20 2015
This stuff works just as it claims we got a new pup and during the house breaking stage used this and never a smell or stain

Reviewed by Melissa S on October 19 2015
Works great!!!!

Reviewed by Anita F on October 19 2015
Holy WOW. This stuff really works! I paid $150 to have my carpets cleaned and two days later the stains were showing through again. I was getting ready to have them pulled up and replaced when I saw an ad for FurryFreshness and decided to give it a try. I am amazed at the results. The stains are gone and the carpets look new. And it couldn't be easier, just spray it on and let it work its magic - no scrubbing or anything. I will be ordering more!

Reviewed by Susie B on October 19 2015
THIS PRODUCT absolutely works. My old carpet, treated stains many years old, automobile upholstery (yes, it does take out water stains)….bedding, sofa. Pricey? Yep. You get what you pay for.

Reviewed by Laurie M on October 19 2015
I have this stuff….it is awesome I use it with my steam cleaner and the two together get rid of SMELL, STAIN,,, wonderful in fact it is time to order again….

Reviewed by Robert S on October 19 2015
This stuff is so amazing it took out stains that were in the carpet for years! Totally worth the money spent, thought I was going to have to throw away my carpet and replace it. A few hours later and a little elbow grease and the carpet is like new! Such an amazing product! HUGE HUGE savings.

Reviewed by Kim on October 18 2015
I bought your product after trying so many others . I am so pleased to have found your product . It actually works! Gets rid of old and new stains and odors !! I just can't say it enough how pleased I am ! Thank you ! Kim

Reviewed by Margie K on October 17 2015
I was doubtful this would help me, as the stains from the dog were old. But good news, the stain is pretty much gone. First product that worked for me

Reviewed by Pamala A on October 16 2015
This is WONDERFUL! Having two very spoiled Scotties, I shampooed my carpet so much trying to get the smell out, I caused the smell to become worse I’ve tried EVERYTHING, and only covered up the smell for a very short time…even expensive perfume. Had come to the conclusion that replacement would be the only thing left to do. Saw your add and thought “why not”. Certainly couldn't hurt! Wah-la!!!! It was a miracle! I WILL NEVER BE WITHOUT IT…..EVER! You saved me thousands of dollars!

Reviewed by Hilary M on October 15 2015
My only regret, that I did not find FurryFreshness sooner!!! FurryFreshness has done an excellent job on my hardwood floors and carpet. I really thought I might have to replace them (can we say expensive), but I've been saved by a fantastic product! For those that maybe on the fence in regards to its price; remember, you get what you pay for! Follow that by how much money have you already wasted on cheaper brands that don't even come close to doing what FurryFreshness does. Follow the directions, and the tougher stuff may need more than one application, but you'll be amazed at what it can do for you and your home. One happy customer! I'll be ordering again!

Reviewed by CHS on October 12 2015
This stuff really works!

Reviewed by Anne E on October 12 2015
This is so great - after years of cleaning up pet stains(and not so well), hiring professionals (looks great until pets get it back their way), and being embarrassed when someone stops by, I have clean carpet. This stuff is amazing. Yes, I know the pets and I could do better about not having the stains in the first place, but we're all old.

Reviewed by Angi S on October 10 2015
We have to tell you our story about your product. We figured w’ed try it as you guaranteed money back if not satisfied. We have 3 dogs and had several potty spots on our newer carpet and in the same spot. It was just awful and we had tried everything but it kept coming back. We thought we were doomed and was going to have to replace the carpet. Then I saw your ad, nothing to lose. Well the old stain is gone and many little ones too. We just ordered 2 gallons more as we have older dogs and know there will be more accidents. Thank you for such a remarkable product. Again, we were doubtful but now true believers!

Reviewed by Dawn C on October 10 2015
This product is amazing!! My American Bulldog had an episode of bloody diarrhea. He had all his vaccinations and the vet seems to think he ate something that irritated him. I gave this product a try and the bloody diarrhea stain is gone! Wonderful product I just ordered more to keep on hand! Thank you so much!!

Reviewed by Debie on October 9 2015
Your product DOES remove the smell of dog urine from my area rugs in my house. I have a lot of dogs and sometimes a couple of my males do a little marking here and there. I use rubber gloves when I'm using it because it does burn if it gets on your skin. I have a Rug Doctor and I actually use it in my Rug Doctor on my rugs. I don't believe you recommend doing that, but it works for me. Overall, I'm very happy with your product and it's less expensive than something else I was using.

Reviewed by Jennifer H on October 8 2015
Best stuff I've ever used, it's simply amazing!!! Got rid of all of the horrible urine smells, after trying so many other products & professional cleaning services! I'll never use another stain/smell remover product again. Ordering more today!

Reviewed by Linda B on October 3 2015
It's an excellent product. Used the product on my area rug in our grate room where my Morkie decided to make it his outdoor toilet when he needed to go.
Fingers crossed. He has not used it since I sprayed the product on the rug a month ago.
I know it took the smell out because, when I vacuumed the rug there was no dog poop smell coming from the vacuum like before I sprayed.
More expensive than other products but worth the price. You get what you pay for.

Reviewed by Kim P on September 30 2015
This is the best product on the market for pet odors and stains…IT’S AMAZINGGGG!!!! It works and I highly recommend it….it totally took away the smell and stain while potty training my puppy…now that he is trained to go on the balcony I get flied from the potty pads…so every now and then I spray my balcony with Furry Freshness and the flies r gone…A Must Buy!!!

Reviewed by Patty E on September 29 2015
Since I adopted my YorkiePoo I’ve found out how stubborn the Yorkie breed is! I guess I should have done my homework before I adopted but wouldn’t give her up for the world!! The product does seem to be working and may have saved my life and Zoeys!! Thank you, I will be reordering!!!

Reviewed by Arline F on September 26 2015
This stuff is amazing!!! Stains out and the smell is GONE!!!

Reviewed by Kathleen H on September 23 2015
I have 2 very badly trained small dogs. (my fault!) This product completely removes urine! It has no smell and is clear liquid. It also completely removed a chocolate milk stain from my fabric couch. It works on tile, carpet, rugs without leaving a residue or odor. It's not just for pet stains!

Reviewed by Bobbye G on September 22 2015
I just got some of this because I have three older dogs that have more accidents on my light colored carpet. Also one of them throws up. That stain is hard to get out. I have to admit, I am impressed. Just cleaned up what I could, sprayed the spot, let it dry. The spot disappeared. I like that the smell goes too. Good stuff!!!

Reviewed by Barb C on September 22 2015
This stuff works great. I had some old stains on my rug and I can’t believe how they are GONE! Fabulous! You won’t be disappointed. 

Reviewed by Kathy W on September 21 2015
Just received my second order. It really works. I have a 10 month old puppy who still has occasional accidents and puke. I’ve tried several other products and Furry Freshness is the only thing that gets up all the stains. 

Reviewed by Judy A on September 19 2015
Furry freshness did an amazing clean up job on my daughter's carpet ( she has to cats that toss their cookies frequently)

Reviewed by Ginger B on September 16 2015
I couldn't believe your product would work, but I was desperate. Tried Natures Miracle, Arm & Hammer, and several other products to remove dog urine stains. Tried your product, and viola, GONE. Even months old stains. Took a few times on then, but on a new stain, immediate results. So very happy. Ordering the cat product for my daughter. Love it!!!

Reviewed by Nancy N on September 15 2015
This is a miracle in a bottle like people have said. I love it

Reviewed by Denise L on September 14 2015
My bottle arrived a couple of weeks ago and almost gone! Fantastic product with many uses. Will be reordering soon!

Reviewed by Jeanne Z on September 14 2015

Reviewed by Mindy K on September 14 2015
This stuff is amazing !!! I cannot express enough. I had my carpets cleaned twice because the pet stains wouldn't come up. Well the Second treatment actually darken the stains and gave him a reddish hue. I pour this on repeated maybe two or three times because it was so bad were amazed this it is 90% improvement

Reviewed by Glenda O on September 14 2015
This stuff is the BOMB.

Reviewed by Suzanne R on September 14 2015
It worked on my old stains. I honestly couldn’t believe it. In fact, my husband brought down the empty bottle and told me to order more….it’s the only thing that’s ever worked. Pinterest ain’t got nothing on FF!!! (Seriously tho..get it!!)

Reviewed by Konna S on September 13 2015
Awesome product. I just ordered 4 more gallons.

Reviewed by Lynne H on September 12 2015
Carpet cleaner said the stains would never come out. I used Furry Fresh. Voila, stains gone!

Reviewed by Melissa M on September 12 2015
This is theeeee best stuff ever! I highly recommend it. It gets the pee stains out and smell out instantly! Thank you thank you!

Reviewed by Penny M on September 12 2015
We went thru a spray bottle of Furry Freshness and ordered a gallon jug…it works on everything! Best product we’ve ever used for pet stains and even used it on sofa and mattress stains and it worked like magic!

Reviewed by Nancy C on September 12 2015
Works great. Had the carpet professionally cleaned after our basset passed away and we could still smell the oil from her coat. I purchased this and used it twice and the odor is totally gone. We also have two Australian Terriers and I use it if they have an accident. I am very pleased and heartily recommend. 

Reviewed by Brenda H on September 9 2015
Read the directions carefully and I recommend wearing heavy duty gloves, other than that. . .This product really works!

Reviewed by Angie K on September 7 2015
This is THE BEST PRODUCT for pet stain and smell removal EVER- I've had my dogs for 10 years and have never seen a product like this - i could not believe it until I used it - now I will never use anything else - this stuff is a miracle and I am telling everyone I know that has pets - thank u

Reviewed by Buttercup on September 3 2015
Love this product. I have already placed another order. It works right before your eyes.

Reviewed by Tracy M on September 3 2015
I just received mine today in the mail, at first when I seen this advertised I was a little undecided but I ordered anyways to try, like many others I have 5 dogs and sometimes the older ones can't hold it, so I tried it today and it really works, and I have a real light cream/white carpet. Just need instructions on how to use it in a carpet cleaner.

Reviewed by Jodi C on August 28 2015
Just received my first bottle of FurryFreshness and I just LOVE IT!!! It works fantastically on carpets and other flooring. Next time I will definitely buy a gallon. It is a super product!!!!

Reviewed by Bacchus on August 28 2015
I bought this directly from the manufacturer, not once but twice, the second order I ordered two. This is hands down the very best pet odor product I have ever bought. As long as I have dogs and carpets I will have this on hand.

Reviewed by Gretchen L on August 26 2015
I love this product!! Yes it works. I had some really tough old stains and with 2 applications they were gone. And it’s not just for pet stains..

Reviewed by Jeannie R on August 26 2015
I ordered this last week and could not believe how well it worked! I got stains out that have been cleaned professionally and with everything I could think of. The stains disappeared and was dry in five minutes. These were all old stains. I’l be ordering again!

Reviewed by Lily D on August 26 2015
I've tried everything. Now, I'm a believer! Great stuff!

Reviewed by Lacy E on August 26 2015
I have a new puppy dog & have had many accidents while potty training the little monster! And have used my furry freshness & have to say it has been a great product to use! I LOVE the fact that it is odorless. as well as it takes the odor from the puppies mess right away & there is no strong product smell! Fantastic product you guys! No wonder its selling like Hotcakes. will have to place a order soon. Congratulations!

Reviewed by Vicki W on August 24 2015
This product is unbelievably amazing!!! I have white carpet and two wire fox terrier puppies. Furry Freshness has removed every single stain…pee, poo and even poo puke which is the hardest stain to get out of white carpet. This product works like magic!

Reviewed by Mary S on August 24 2015
I just got mine and OMG every spot, even the old ones are GONE!!! I will be buying more!!!

Reviewed by Kimberly W on August 24 2015
Just got mine. My poor doggy there up. It works amazing! Well worth the money!! 

Reviewed by Jilene M on August 23 2015
This is my second gallon ordered. I never want to run out of this stuff. Works as advertised. Couldn't be happier with it.

Reviewed by Betsy M on August 22 2015
I bought the cat version. No more urine smell!!

Reviewed by Kelly K on August 22 2015
Ordered the two spray bottles, used both, just ordered two gallons. It works on everything! I am very pleased!

Reviewed by Janine on August 21 2015
Amazing! Was ready to replace basement carpeting until I tried this. Really old stains....gone!! Nasty smell....gone!! I am a huge sceptic and I just can't believe the results. In some areas I did have to treat the stain several times, but it did go away. Some of the stains were at least 10 years old. This product is worth every penny.

Reviewed by Catherine M on August 18 2015
I am a VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER! I love my dog Abbott BUT I don't like it when he has an "accident " ! I am soooooo happy to say that this product is great! Abbott is a good dog most of the time but sometimes he just doesn't make it outside and then the carpet or a mattress is not smelling as fresh as it should! My daughter has an expensive king size mattress and I didn't know what to do after Abbott had an "accident". I purchased Furry Freshness, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best! I am happy to say that this product solved my problem! The smell didn't fade, IT'S GONE! I am going to recommend Furry Freshness to EVERYONE who has a pet (or kids who get sick or have their own "accidents"). I just ordered a gallon bottle to keep things under control and to keep Abbott out of trouble! Thanks for a WONDERFUL product! Abbott says, "Thanks!" too!

Reviewed by Sarah C on August 17 2015
I received my spray bottle of Furry Freshness last Wednesday. Used it immediately and am amazed!!!! Have a couple of old urine stains that I’m still working on. Have now used the last drop and will be ordering the gallon size. I really believe we will now be able to delay having new carpet installed in the entire house.