"Ugh, Do You Have Pets?"

I was so embarrassed… My friend Mary, standing at the front door, looked like she was about to gag…

I hadn’t realized how terrible my carpet smelled… but it was obvious I needed to do something… and SOON!

No wonder I had such a hard time getting my friends to come over!

I had tried every “enzyme” product under the sun and nothing worked!

My dog still went to the bathroom all over the living room, bedrooms, and even the kid’s playroom.

I knew there had to be a BETTER solution, something that didn’t just cover up the smell, but REALLY removed it and could make my house smell fresh and clean.

Fortunately, I found FurryFresh, an exciting new solution for pet odor control that works for one simple reason...

It Was Created For Your Pet’s Nose And Not Your Nose

Typical Carpet Cleaning Products

Other products try to cover up the smell to suit human noses….

But what they are really doing is making the problem worse… Because when your pets are exposed to those heavily toxic chemicals... they will urinate to protect their territory.

And after the artificial fragrances fade away... the urine smell will be stronger than ever.

It’s a terrible cycle that damages your relationship with your pet.

But FurryFresh is different because...

It Chemically Evaporates Odor And Stains Out Of Carpet Fibers

... without the cheap toxic ingredients that trigger your pet to protect its territory by urinating all over your home.

FurryFresh is made with natural ingredients that remove all signs of past accidents… and your pets won’t be threatened by the smell (unlike 99% of other products on the market).

Even better:

After the formula has done its job, your pet will no longer want to pee inside.

Say goodbye to:

Disgusting Carpet That Could Make Your Family Sick

That Horrible Odor Following You Wherever You Go

Carpet Stains Returning Over Time

Your Pet Turning Against You

Thousands of Pet Owners Nationwide Now Have Fresh and Clean Carpet Because of FurryFreshness

Claim your supply of FurryFresh before our stock is gone

You will be shocked at how simple it is to remove foul odors from your carpet

Imagine enjoying your clean and fresh home after spraying FurryFresh just once on problem areas.

FurryFresh was designed by a chemist with a deep love for his pets. After trying all the enzyme products on the market, and seeing how the problem just got worse, he decided to make his own special formula that is enzyme-free.

The results speak for themselves!

FurryFresh Is 100% Natural And Safe To Use Anywhere


Pet Bedding

Wood & Concrete Flooring




It Cleans Stains Too

FurryFresh not only makes your carpet smell great, it removes stains -- no matter how deep or how long they’ve been in your carpet.

And best of all, there’s no scrubbing needed! You just spray it on and allow the formula to work.

FurryFresh instantly repairs your strained relationship so you can enjoy your dog or cat again.

“OMG ..I have tried at least 20 different types of stain removal products to clean stains on our cream color carpet of cat vomit and your product is a miracle product. No kidding... brown vomit stains that are 3 years old came out. Best product ever!” - Annette Missik

If The Smell Or Stains Come Back?... So Does Your Money

With our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, you can rest easy knowing you are dealing with honest people who will gladly refund every dime of your money should you change your mind for any reason.

In fact, we will make you a promise:

If FurryFresh doesn’t make your carpet smell and look brand new, we will send your money back with NO questions asked and nothing to “prove.”

“My elderly cat"barfs up" a lot. I just spray the spot and let it dry naturally. presto! The spots are gone. I've tried MANY products and this is definite the best! Thanks Furry freshness! - Rita Deerhake