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"The Holy Grail of Cleaners. Without a doubt, the best pet stain cleaner ever created. And I’ve tried them all."

- Janet L., FurryFreshness Customer

Limited Time Summer Special

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Here's Everything Included in the Summer Special:

(1) 32oz spray bottle ($29.99 value)

(1) Gallon Refill ($69.99 value)

(1) UV StainSpotter™ Light ($13.99 value)

(1) FREE Mystery dog or cat toy ($9.99 value)

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$ 58.00

Mystery toy for your:

FurryFreshness in Action

One product Any stain Most surfaces

Thanks to our unique Oxy-Vap™ technology - you'll never have to worry about another "surprise" left behind by your furry friends.

FurryFreshness is designed to simply spray and walk away. We're not kidding - it's that simple! Forget the scrubbing, home made concoctions and reappearing stains. FurryFreshness is the magic wand you've been hoping for!

How does it work? FurryFreshness is designed to dive deep into stains and smells and change the bacteria into gas to be evaporated into the air. Leaving behind no residue, detergents, smells or masking fragrance. Our formula is also non-toxic, enzyme-free and proudly made in Austin, Texas.

You can use FurryFreshness on pet stains (pee, poo, puke and more) as well as other household stains and smells (dirt, grass, coffee, wine, blood, ink and more) on carpet, tile, laminate, hardwood, concrete, pet bedding, laundry, artificial turf, upholstery, cars/RVs and more!

We're a small business with over 200,000+ customer within the last 7 years and 3,000+ positive reviews. Read a few below!

I am a dedicated buyer and user of this product!

"I have had many dogs in my house over the years and never have I found a product that does so MUCH with so little effort. Why did it take the world so long to discover the secret Furry Freshness discovered? In any case, I thank you for it!" - Barbara F., A FurryFreshness Customer


"It is very easy to use. I bought a gallon knowing I would need that much eventually and the battery operated sprayer. So easy! And it works. I have light carpet in the bedrooms. With 3 cats who have issues from time to time, this product worked better than anything I have ever tried. The old stains that previous products left on the carpet are gone! You recommendations to apply more than once - peel like an onion - worked! Thank you. Carpet looks new again." - Debra M., A FurryFreshness Customer

Best product on the market

"My dog has a lot of "accidents"! FurryFreshness removes the odor and the stain. It's phenomenal! My cat also gets sick often and it cleans that up as well even if it's stains dark. I use it now for all spills and stains on carpet, furniture and clothing! I send bottles to friends to get them started." - Marcee W., A FurryFreshness Customer


We can't wait to hear about YOUR success with FurryFreshness! 🐾